Question about SNES Nobunaga's Ambition.

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so this is the least dead NA board I've found that isn't Pokemon Conquest, so I figured I'd ask here, for anyone that's played the Snes version of Nobunaga's Ambition (from what I understand is the remake of one of the NES versions).

first, I would like to know what each value in this image is

I've figured out some through picking different options and seeing what goes up, but I'm still not sure, basically I know the top left is troops, bottom left is troop strength, top middle is gold, second row middle is rice, and... that's it.

Also I've tried a few different nations to start as and the most turns I've gotten through was... I think 3, by then I generally get conquered because I get attacked and can't keep up my troop count. what's are some good opening moves for the first few turns? or even maybe some good nations to start as until I get used to the game more.
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