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4 years ago#1
This topic may contain SPOILERS!

[ == Paper Mario Zombie Apocalypse Alpha | Topic 2 == ]

[== Topics So Far ==]

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[ ~ Player List ~ 3 Characters Per Player ~ ]
1. Czar_Yoshi (Overseer: Story) (Flavio, Lord Francis Rawk Hawk)
2. LightningYoshi (Overseer: Characters) (Parakarry)
3. UltraCantaloupe (Overseer: Badges/Items) (Anti-Guy, Russ T., The Master)
4. Harvest-Ty (Doopliss, Mayzio, Luigi)
5. Koopa-Dude94 (Morty the Monty Mole)
6. Wuigi (Cleftor, Torque, Shimi)
7. Johnman65 (Daisy, Bowser, Kammy Koopa)
8. Nintendo_Ness (Felix the Penguin)
9. Flamingcow99 (Ms. Mowz)

(Inactive Members)
Lolo_Guru (Head Overseer) (Beldam)

(Retired Members)


||| Paper Mario Zombie Apocalypse Alpha | Current Goals |||
~Travel to the Crystal Palace with Kolorado
~Look for minions at the Koopa Bros. Fortress


Here's our most recent Badge list!
(Badges may conflict with badges in list below.)

And here's our most recent Item list!


+++ Posting Guidelines +++

(Parenthesis): Out of context
Bold: Forage
Italics (outside of quotes): Character thoughts
"Quotes": Character speech
Character Name (Bold): Specific character talking
Character Name: "text": Same thing
4 years ago#2
[~ Character Types ~]
Tactics: Usually on highly knowledgable characters, will use intelligence and wits to evade or confuse zombies.
Combat: This character is built for direct combat with zombies.
Acrobatics: This character is built to pester zombies with speedy attacks, or use said skills to evade, even through hordes of them.
Zombie-Proof: This character may not be turned, and as such are valuable just for that reason.
Cooking: Fosters significantly better food (and by extension morale) from whatever resources you have.
Technology: This character has superior knowledge of electronical devices.
Magical: This character uses magic power to make up for relatively low stats otherwise.
Stealth: This character naturally is quiet and evades detection by many.
MONEY!: This character was/is quite rich, and knows how to handle/make money.

[~ Starter Kits (Key Item, Item, Badge) ~]

Tactical: Walkie Talkies x2, Spite Pouch x2, Super Appeal

Acrobatic: Rope, Repel Cape x2, FP Drain

Combat: Iron Bar (weapon), Mystic Egg x2, Charge

Zombie-Proof: Ghost Medal (makes an ally zombie-proof for one fight, 3 uses), Tasty Tonic, Bump Attack

Magical: Magic Wand, Golden Leaf x2, P-Down, D-Up

Cooking: Frying Pan, bag of hunger-restoring food (20 lbs.), Item Hog

MONEY!: Quartz Charm (raises attack by 1, 5 uses), Courage Shell x2, Feeling Fine

Technology: Multi-Purpose Knife, Dizzy Dial x2, Timing Tutor

Stealth: DupliCloak, Boo's Sheet x2, P-Up, D-Down


<{[( ~ Complete List of Characters ~ )]}>
Need a character? Check out the list! If there's no name beside it in parentheses, you're good to go! We've already got primers set up for nearly everyone!
(Overseers have free reign over characters vital to storyline advancement.)

[ ~ Original Survivors ~ ] - These guys are from the original chart.
Bowser (Johnman65)
Mario (on the blimp, open for use)
Luigi (Harvest-Ty)
Lady Bow
Admiral Bobbery
Francis (Czar_Yoshi)
Daisy (Johnman65)
Rawk Hawk (Czar_Yoshi)
Doopliss (Harvest-Ty)
Don Pianta

[ ~ Additional Characters ~ ] - None of those guys appeal to you? Check these guys out.
Toadette (on the blimp, open for use)
Koopa Koot
Golden Fuzzy
Zess T.
Flavio (Czar_Yoshi)
Russ T. (SuperFruit)
Ms. Mowz (Flamingcow99)
Kammy Koopa (Johnman65)
Parakarry (LightningYoshi)
The Crystal King (Open for use)
Anti-Guy (SuperFruit)
Cleftor (Wuigi)
Torque (Wuigi)
Shimi (Wuigi)

Overseer characters - Characters who are currently unavailable because they must be controlled by an Overseer for various reasons.
Professor Frankly
Yoshi Elder
Glitz Pit Security
Lord Crump

Original Characters - Crafted by hand from generic species!
Dusk the Dry Bones
Morty the Monty Mole (Koopa-Dude94)
Mayzio the Amazy Dayzee X-Naut (Harvest-Ty)
Felix the Penguin (Nintendo_Ness)

Borderline Characters - Prohibited unless a feasible primer is produced
Prince Mush
Chet Rippo
Professor E. Gadd

[ ~ Prohibited ~ ] - These characters are off-limits for various reasons, but may become Overseer characters later.
General Guy (Deposed)
Baby Bowser
Baby Mario
Floro Sapien
Kent C. Koopa
Grodus's Head
Count Bleck


Badges and Items sell back for 75% of their original purchase costs, outlined in the links above.
4 years ago#3
(Badge and item links are outdated.)
Some say I'm crazy. I prefer the term "sanity deprived".
4 years ago#4
I think there should be links to the Magic damage stuff.
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4 years ago#5
(Mayzio is headed away! Catch that Flower!)
YOU think I like being a slave to candy!?
4 years ago#6
(Can someone c/p Daisy's, Kammy's, and Bowser's items? They are all on post 498.)
Cataclysmic Cosmos: Proud 1st place of the Glitz Pit Season 4.
Strength without compassion does not a ruler make.
4 years ago#7
Johnman65 posted...
Cooking Kit
Hot Dog
Turtley Leaf X2
Simple Necklace
Honey Syrup
Peachy Peach
Dried Bouquet
Mushroom X2
Dried Shroom
Keel Mango
90 coins

Magical Kit
Peachy Peach X2
Dried Bouquet
Dried Shroom
Keel Mango
108 coins

Combat Kit
Dried Shroom X2
Honey Syrup
Dried Bouquet
84 coins

Can someone C/P this into the next topic?)


SuperFruit posted...
Czar_Yoshi posted...
(Guys, this is absurd. We've just spent nearly 50 posts coming up with ridiculous ways to get food, when we're supposed to be fleeing from Sewer Monsters. SuperFruit, please please please limit forages to once per area so we don't have to derail ourselves so to do this...)

(I've already limited it to twice a day.

And it's not derailing at all.)

SuperFruit posted...
(Yeah, no. From now on, foraging trips for individual characters must be separated by at least 1 OOC hour. This is annoying me.)

(Yep. Just as I thought. Why don't you read what I said again? Once per area, not once per day)
4 years ago#8
Toad Town, now devoid of zombies (or at least those 5) is visited upon by the great merchant Rowf!

"Hello, hello, welcome to my badge and item emporium! We've got just about everything! Unfortunately, due to time and space constraints, we only managed to smuggle in these few trinkets."

"Sorry!" chipped in the little guy.

Rowf's Shop


Power Jump: 120 coins.

Power Smash: 120 coins.

HP Drain: 100 coins.

Flower Saver: 100 coins.

Bump Attack: 120 coins.


Life Shroom: 40 coins.

Space Food: 35 coins.

Gradual Syrup: 25 coins.

(If you'd like to see the effects, the repost is over yonder. Charlieton will join in just a hot second.)
Some say I'm crazy. I prefer the term "sanity deprived".
4 years ago#9
(P-up D-Down sells for 56 coins right?)
YOU think I like being a slave to candy!?
4 years ago#10
UltraCantaloupe posted...
(Badge and item links are outdated.)

(I know, was trying to get this up in a hurry. Will re-post all that now)

Harvest-Ty posted...
(Mayzio is headed away! Catch that Flower!)

(Her forage turned up an auto-equipping Slow Go that makes it impossible for her to flee. Real answer: Story magic gives her a swift Boot to the Head because I don't want anyone getting sidetracked by going over there. Right now we need to be either heading to Koopa Bros. Fortress or guarding Kolorado in the tunnels)

Beldam (to Mayzio): "Mwee hee hee... Not so fast, little Missy. Do you really want to miss out on all the fun?"
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