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6 years ago#1
Alright folks, I've got a frustrating one for you.

Chapter 15:

I've spent a good number of turns dancing around the desert to avoid killing any Laguz enemies. Volke and Marcia have been taking care of the right half of the map, while a Sothe + Jill combo has swept clean the left half. I've timed it greatly, and now have Zihark equipped with the Laguzslayer being carried by Jill within range of Maurim, the boss. My plan of action to finish off this masterpiece is as follows: move Volke to get the White Gem, move Lethe to recruit Stefan, move Sothe to get the boots, move Soren to attack Maurim and then drop Zihark directly below Maurim. This final step would be the last completed for fear that a Zihark critical in the enemy phase would end the map before I had a chance to collect all items, just in case. I should also add that all of this would be taking place outside the range of any Laguz in beast/bird form during the enemy phase.

Move Sothe, got boots. He only has 4 HP left at the point (moved him into range of a bird the turn before, he survived the attack and the enemy would change back to bird tribe before getting a chance to attack again. Move Lethe, recruited Stefan. Moved Volke to the top left square of the area to get the White Gem (and I've checked and rechecked the FAQs and Treasure Map FAQ to be certain it was the correct area, it was the square [from the top right corner of the map] two left and three down) but no White Gem. No White Gem.

I've always been under the impression that Thieves have 100% chance to find items on the Desert tiles. Apparently, this is not the case? Could someone explain the b******t that just happened to me?

I decided to use the last few turns to gather information rather than restart immediately. I moved Volke one square to the right, the edge of the map, and he found the White Gem. I had Zihark wait in front of Maurim and ended turn. Maurim did not attack during the enemy phase, and this meant my fear of a rogue critical was for naught. Sothe was killed the following enemy phase, after another Bird Tribe morphed back and swarmed him. Maurim's bodyguards also morphed back to Tigers and double teamed Soren.

I had it. One turn away from a perfect desert runthrough. What happened? Where's the gem?
With Much Love,
6 years ago#2

It looks like the White Gem is one square left and 3 or 4 down.

But yes, thieves do have perfect item-finding skills in this game.
leekpopmon98's hug slave
6 years ago#3
Someone needs to [expletive] fix those [expletive] FAQs.
With Much Love,
6 years ago#4
Yes, very much so.
leekpopmon98's hug slave
6 years ago#5
I prefer to dump a load of BEXP into Marcia and just have her kill Muarim. Generally less headaches all round than trying to do it with infantry units. Plus, you also get the turn limit BEXP.
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6 years ago#6
When you say a perfect run through the desert, do you mean obtaining all the treasure, Stefan and leaving all the Laguz alive? A guide would be nice...
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6 years ago#7
Even with a guide and a good strategy, you'd have to be one helluva lucky guy to perfectly manage that.

Realistically, just massacring the laguz is the best way, and it saves a ton of headaches, but whatever one wants, anyway.
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6 years ago#8
When you say a perfect run through the desert, do you mean obtaining all the treasure, Stefan and leaving all the Laguz alive? A guide would be nice...

This is what I meant. I'm playing on normal mode.

The Beast Tribe Laguz are fairly easy to avoid with a little anticipation and patience. The Bird Tribe Laguz are more difficult, but if you deal enough damage to them (without killing them) then they'll retreat and find a vulnerary to heal. After that, you'll want to stay away from their new positions.

Don't bring more units than you need. I brought Ike, Soren, Rhys, Jill, Marcia, Volke, Sothe, Zihark Lethe and Mordecai. You don't need an army, because there's only one unit to kill. Soren and Zihark (with Laguzslayer) were my attackers for Maurim. Ike was there because he's Ike. Rhys because you should always bring a healer. Lethe and Mordecai because they're Laguz (for Stefan) and because they'll get decent movement/rescue ability. Jill and Marcia because flight and rescue ability are a big help for movement and avoiding. Volke/Sothe are self-explanatory.

I had Volke, remaining as close to the spawn area as possible, grab the Guard Scroll, and then rescued him with Marcia. The rest of the map was spent with this pair dancing around the bottom right of the map, Volke still carried by Marcia. It's possible to lure the Laguz into movement by standing one square outside their attack range. I had Marcia jump around out of range until I had enough space to safely drop Volke within movement range of the Statue Frag area. The next turn, I moved Volke, got the Frag, rescued with Marcia again (Beast Laguz was in the bottom right and within attack range) and then moved up (to where Bird Laguz was in human form) and so the area was safe. This part of my strategy functioned almost independantly from the rest of the map, although I had to use Mordecai to lure one of the cat Laguz left at one point.

The rest of my party moved gradually northwest (up + left). The first coin was easy to get, as was Shine. For the Physic Staff I sent Sothe up, rescued him with Jill, and retreated. I had her move southeast first (the two Cat Laguz had already moved to chase Marcia) so that the Beast Laguz near the Staff would chase her down and attack her. She survived, didn't kill him, and then I had her move far enough to the right so that he wouldn't follow. The Silver Blade and second coin were trickier. I had to lure in the Bird Laguz, damage him until he retreated, and then time my movement right around the Beast Laguz.

Maurim's six guards, unlike the other Beast Laguz, don't move even if you're only a single square outside of their attack range, so I just kept my distance until they were all in human form. When I saw my lane open up, I sent Lethe and Mordecai east past the human form Beast Laguz and then up towards where I could recruit Stefan. The Boots were the most difficult. I only had a one-turn window of opportunity. I had to move Sothe within range of the Bird Laguz that guards that area the turn before he would morph back to human form. Sothe survived the attack, and then on my turn again I moved him to get the boots.

I was thrown off a turn by not finding the White Gem where I thought I would. It was such a let down to realize that I had the level beat if only I had stayed one square to the right, so I haven't touched my Wii since this afternoon. When I finally do sit down to it again, I'll consider making a better turn-by-turn guide.
With Much Love,
6 years ago#9
**After getting the Physic Staff, I had Jill move far enough to the left so that he wouldn't follow. Not the right.
With Much Love,
6 years ago#10
Once I took 5 turns to find the WG, lucky I was doing a massive BA with Rolf, so turns was not a problem since I would take a hell of turns to finish the map. The funny thing is that I always have problem to find the WG and I never need to sell it...
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