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Will Stefan be fine without Astra? (Archived)emeraldfox_09103/30/2008
Anyone confused about the gender of some characters? (Archived)
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How can I buy in this game? (Archived)DevilHands103/30/2008
What the heck?!?!?!?!?(possible spoilers) (Archived)
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Laguz transfers (Archived)stealthsnowpaw43/30/2008
Should I level Sothe? Knowing he is in Radiant Dawn? (Archived)biohazard46533/30/2008
The Black Knight just killed Rolfe, Mist, and Brom >_< (Archived)Mixorz103/30/2008
Does Gandalf have the 3rd elven power ring? (Archived)Monkey_Slayer63/30/2008
Like is Marth and Roy in this gaem? (Archived)ericochoa153053/30/2008
Support Conversations (Archived)Jason Hart Maivia43/30/2008
Couple of questions (Archived)AFnirvana23/29/2008
Just got a master seal, who should i use it on? (Archived)
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how much $? (Archived)xDSlotx72443/29/2008
final chapter (spoilers) (Archived)confusitron1143/28/2008
BExp list? (Archived)StupidKid2743/28/2008
So hard to find in stores (Archived)
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Would it work with 10 (+Sothe) units? (Archived)
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Greil is emo. (Archived)thefallengamer103/27/2008
About to start Cptr 15: Too late to train Sothe? (Archived)
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Beat entire last level with just ike (Archived)
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