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Droid Chassis

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8 years ago#1
I've already blown up Goto's yacht. Is it too late for me to get the droid chassis for HK-47 from the warehouse? If not, how can I do it?
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8 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure it's too late. I'm not certain, because I have never tried to get back in there, but you're probably going to find the doors to the warehouse 'magnetically sealed'.

Worth a try, though.

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8 years ago#3
It's not magnetically sealed, just "locked".
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8 years ago#4
Sorry, you're out of luck. The only way to get the HK Chassis is to pick up from the remains of one of the HK-50s before T3-M4 leaves the Warehouse. Unfortunately, there is no alternative source for the chassis.

If you want to rebuild HK-47, you will have to reload an older save. The battle is very easy, just equip the Renewable Shield and the Droid Shock Arm, activate the shield as you approach the HK-50s, then attack them with the Shock Arm (they die in two turns each and seldom come close to breaking down your shield).
8 years ago#5
Oh that sucks... I realized I actually saved over the wrong file , so that part was about 3 hours ago, so if I was HK-47 I have to start from the beginning. D'oh.
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8 years ago#6
Actually, scratch that. I DO have another save.Only thing is,it's way back during the part where you navigate through the tunnels. Honestly, is it really worth it? Is HK-47 really bad*ss?
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8 years ago#7
HK-47 is all right. If you really loved the character in the first game, then it is probably a good idea to repair and use him in KOTOR2. If you were indifferent to his act in KOTOR, then nothing has substantially improved to the degree that is worth another hour or two of gameplay.

However, if you are a darksider and want to maximize your attribute bonuses, adding HK to your party and gaining influence with him can be profitable. You can gain a +1 Wisdom and +1 Constitution bonus (as well as some marginal bonuses to your Saves) by gaining influence with HK-47.
8 years ago#8
Thanks for all the help!
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