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what level do i need to be to get in korriban cave?

#1Gun DMCPosted 12/23/2008 10:20:09 AM
#2dronemcPosted 12/23/2008 11:31:19 AM
I know there's a 75% LS/DS mastery requirement. I'm not sure if there's specifically a level requirement, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was 15, since that's the other requirement to be prestige class-eligible.

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#3Rogue267Posted 12/23/2008 11:34:22 AM
I think you have to have your prestige level before you can go in as well. You also need the 75% light or dark alignment.
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#4Kotorfan321Posted 12/23/2008 1:07:06 PM
You can go into the cave at any level you want, but to enter the tomb of an old Sith inside, you must be Prestige
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#5mark632Posted 12/23/2008 1:54:18 PM
You don't have to select your prestige class before entering the Secret Tomb, you just have to be eligible to receive a prestige class. Therefore, you must be at least Level 15 and roughly 75% Light or Dark.