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7 years ago#1

Why did it have to be cancelled???? WHY?????????????????????????? *cries*

7 years ago#2
Just saw the title - great - then noticed canceled - sad -. Original game was so awesome, great gameplay, perks, solid graphics/atmosphere. Dont have fresh memories about it anymore, wish I could play it again but still it feels weird to me to go back into games. Maybe the good ones in especial. I remember ending story and continuing playing right after at some bonus mission, didnt wanted it to end.
7 years ago#3

The original was a classic IMO. They nailed it right, and most who played it would agree. Such a shame it was canceled. I would love to see a modder take some assest/toolkits from somewhere (CryEngine 2/ Source Engine) and make a fan made sequel or the like.

7 years ago#4
Yeah, it's really sad.
7 years ago#5

im also dissapointed

i loved the first one, great concept and great gameplay

7 years ago#6

I'm with you guys, this really sucks! The first one was great.

7 years ago#7
I loved the first one, dissappointing to hear the second was canceled... this really sucks. I feel like playing a game like that again...
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7 years ago#9


7 years ago#10

Uggh, now thats a damn shame in all honesty : (

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