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Is there a quick save code for this game?
6 years ago#2
gameduck2 posted at 9/6/2009 11:35 AM "Is there a quick save code for this game?"

Don't think so, but the checkpoint system seems to work almost as well.

"Tomb Raider Legend Controls" by Stella

"For PC players, who are accustomed to unlimited saves, this takes some getting used to, but it has the advantage of preventing you from saving as Lara is about to die. I strongly recommend saving manually at least a few times in each level. Then if you miss a reward, decide to do something differently or encounter a bug in the game, you can choose from several saves instead of being stuck with only the autosave. It can prevent you from having to replay the whole level to get one reward or, worse, start way back in a previous level to get past a bug."

There's more tips and advice on saving there.

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