Action Replay Codes??

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8 years ago#1
Does anyone know of any level up codes for Final Fantasy 1 portion of the Dawn of Souls game that's on the gameboy advance??

Yes I've got the codes from and no they don't have any level up codes because I've already checked and copied the codes..
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
when you run into some monsters, press A 8 times, and hopefully all the enemies will be dead, if not, repeat until they are dead. enter this code enough times and you'll level up.
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8 years ago#4
But are there any action replay codes to use instead of pushing the A button all the time??

Don't you think that's a bit extreme to be pushing the A button 8 times during the countless battles during the entirity of the game and wouldn't your fingers get sore from doing that so often????
8 years ago#5
not really, final fantasy 1 isn't really that difficult. if people can beat it at like level 20 or so, there can't be all that much difficulty in there.
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8 years ago#6

Codes for just about every device on every system ever are at that site.
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