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FAQ Topic (Repost ;o;, SPOILERS) (Sticky)
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MalikKitsune29110/1 7:03PM
PET function? (Archived)Zero_Maniac14/18 3:24PM
what battery does this game cart use? (Archived)Dragoncomet19/29/2014
Wow, this board actually has 3 pages. (Archived)RandomSong13/17/2014
im LP'ing all 3 Boktai games... (Archived)DTY319/26/2012
Anyone have a manual/instruction booklet scan of this game? I'd appreciate it :) (Archived)culture_den17/29/2012
Wouldn't it be awesome if Kojima Productions made a Boktai collection + new game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Does anybody have PAR codes for sunlight, etc.? (Archived)bolt_thundara34/23/2012
100% completion help! (Archived)Zero_Maniac94/14/2012
Clock battery? (Archived)Zero_Maniac14/14/2012
otenko panel before the libary in catedral (Archived)
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whats the passwords for nd how do i use them? (Archived)DemonKingSteel12/22/2012
switch saves or trade items? (Archived)DemonKingSteel32/12/2012
where can i find this game? (Archived)MegaGamerKing41/19/2012
I claim this board with the power of the sun in my hands. And darkness too...... (Archived)Zero_Maniac49/19/2011
mega power (Archived)layned9209112/24/2011
Plasma Lamp and Solar Sensor (Archived)RamiaX110/12/2010
The poll reminded me of this game. (Archived)Gunfreak01028/6/2010
This game is quite hard without sunlight... (Archived)FirestormSurtr78/2/2010
What's the point of the Gradius anyway? (Archived)FirestormSurtr57/15/2010
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