u .r.i.

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8 years ago#1
i ouit a u.r.i now it wont let me see them on my map and theres a red x next to it how do i fix it
8 years ago#2
I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say.

Use spell check and proper punctuation, and I'll try to answer your question.

There isn't even anything called "u .r.i" in this game.
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8 years ago#3
i left in the middle of a u.ir.i race now it wont show up on my map any u.r.i. races and there a red x beside it on my map and it wont let me set my gps to that race
8 years ago#4
it should be u.r.i. not u.ri.i
8 years ago#5
I believe you're talking about U R L races.

I'm not entirely sure how to solve your problem. When this game was newer, some people experienced this with U R L races and magazine covers: they just seemed to disappear.

My recommendation would be to win another race or two, and see if they show up.

Also, it's possible that your car needs to be a certain star rating in order to enter. (Probably the number required for the last DVD cover in your last contract).
Make sure you are driving your highest star rating car (stars are based on visual upgrades).

Some people have claimed to be stuck by this problem and never able to win the game.
XBL GT: dark minun
Eye h8 UR lak uv spelinn an gramerz skillz.
8 years ago#6
it would have to be the star rating because i beat all my other races right after i left
8 years ago#7
i just realized i lock it on my map but i dont now when i locked it
8 years ago#8

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