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Stupid Race with Kai (Stray Bead!)

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8 years ago#1
So after watching a bunch of vids on youtube with comments like 'LOL THIS WUZ EZ'...

I still can't outrun that irritating girl. Any suggestions except for 'GO FASTER AND DON'T BREAK A SPRINT'?

I did the Kamui Devil Gate trial, and that was easier than this. Bleargh.
8 years ago#2
- Go through at least once just to bloom all the cursed trees. You don't need
them distracting you from your running.
- Equip Solar Flare! It acts as a fire source which allows you to melt any
icicles or snowballs that get in your way. Drawing fireburst (infinity
symbol) works just as well.
- Use the square button for a quick dash! You need to move as fast as
possible and by using dash you won't waste time building up speed.
- Learn the route beforehand! Kai takes the long way around everything during
the race. By learning where the shortcuts are you can easily stay ahead of
- When you reach the frozen lake, rather than running straight through it as
Kai does, head off to the left or right. There's no ice on the sides so
you'll maintain your speed and traction better, allowing you to keep the
- The snowballs will come at you in waves of three, from the left, right and
left. Keep this in mind so you can quickly avoid them!
- Do not waste time opening chests or collecting time extensions! Treasure
can wait, and there's more than enough time to reach the finish line.
- Keep calm and maintain your cool! It may take a few tries, so don't let it
get to you. Take a break if needed, then give it another try. It may seem
impossible, but it's not. Show Kai who's the fastest in all of Nippon!
it ain't like that
8 years ago#3
Mookie I love everything you write. Including the FAQs, which are the most helpful I've read for any game. <3 and 150 internets.
8 years ago#4

I hope you realize my response wasn't a way of saying "don't be lazy, read the faqs," but rather, why retype an answer I've already typed once, hence my c&p'ing.
it ain't like that
8 years ago#5
Naw it's ok... there are a lot of FAQs for this game and I have a hard time remembering which is which in my head (e.g. 'is that the sarcastically written one or the one that sounds like a fifth grader wrote it?'). Short of bookmarking every.single.faq, sometimes a little C&P is what I need.
8 years ago#6
This particular Stray Bead was an annoying one to me, it was one of the last three I needed, took me forever to do it. Pissed me off.

That and the spider gates, the last one for sure.
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8 years ago#7
Word. This is the last stray bead I have to get! Then I finish the game and restart... WITH AWESOME POWERS. Seriously, it will be my third play-through in a row. T_T I LOVE THIS GAME SO HARD!

...but I am getting a little sick of Issun's theme/Ponc'tan village music.
8 years ago#8
Where is the stray bead anyway? I can't seem to find it
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8 years ago#9
Kai hands it over after you beat her in the race.
it ain't like that
8 years ago#10
Do you have to do it the first time you go through the forest? Or can you retry it?
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