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StickyPLEASE READ before posting questions (almost 0 storyline spoilers) V.4 (Sticky)
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Hidden treasure found - Are there more? (Archived)-Tatjana-48/19/2014
The intro made me not play the game. (Archived)Nerrid37/25/2014
man this game is so sad yet beautiful... *SPOILERS* (Archived)Seaman_Prime26/16/2014
Racing Kai in Yoshpet (Archived)SSJ_PauloAquino85/21/2014
The vases man (Archived)SSJ_PauloAquino25/7/2014
Whooper is kids' stuff (Archived)SSJ_PauloAquino25/1/2014
That sceptical woman (Archived)SSJ_PauloAquino24/29/2014
Underwater chests (Archived)SSJ_PauloAquino34/24/2014
Waka is...? *spoilers* (Archived)calinz12/2/2014
Do you suppose that Issun was intended to resemble Navi from Zelda: OoT? (Archived)slk_23212/27/2013
The ending/final battle *possible spoilers?* (Archived)neonecron212/9/2013
Just thinking about this game (Archived)dctalk207412/6/2013
Peach Problems (Archived)Fennyariel27/27/2013
One Cherry Blossom Missing (Archived)MUKrow65/15/2013
Can't feed the boar piglets? (Archived)Recino33/21/2013
So, during your first time playing, did it blow your mind that... *spoilers* (Archived)xXMythieXx53/19/2013
Is there a "stray beads" counter? (Archived)Cloud_C312/18/2012
Can you turn off vibration? (Archived)BBoy4040411/3/2012
Anybody interested in writing a top 10 list entry? (Archived)wheresatari210/19/2012
How can a wolf who has no expression still tug at my heartstrings? (Archived)
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