how do i win ultimate attacks?

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8 years ago#1

plz help. i got this game used at gamestop so no manual.

from what i gather you need to fatigue the enemy then push a button.

but everytime i fatigue the enemy then throw a spirit bomb, it says defender wins.

it shows a button pushing thing but i don't know what to push. what am i missing?

8 years ago#2
just push either the x, square, triangel or circle button, the closer you are to maximum when you push button, the higher your meter will be, and you have a better chance of winning the struggle ( unless the opponent gets it higher than you).
8 years ago#3
maximum kii you mean? or max fatigue?
8 years ago#4 watch this video. Two scenarios, one where he gets the highest meter and wins, and one where the opponent gets the highest and he loses
8 years ago#5
still confused. but i think i goti th ink you got to get them in red fatigue, but then theres something i didn't do that i kept losing. it was probably hitting the button triangle square circle or X
8 years ago#6
oh i got it now. you have to push the button when the metere gets full
8 years ago#7
excactly what I was trying to say with my gibberish ^^
8 years ago#8
x = Guard
[] = Punch
/\ = Kick
O = Energy(ki)

full explanation;
enter hyper mode (PKGE or R2) and launch your hyper move (PKGE or R2 while in hyper mode). A little cutscene starts, somewhere during the cutscene a little bar appears at the bottom of the screen, on the left side you see "P1" (in multiplayer or tournament it can also be on the right) and next to it is a little bar that fills up, above that bar is a bigger bar, press any of the 4 buttons with the right timing exactly/just before the small bar is full, you have 3 chances, what you had in the smaller bar when you pressed the button is added to the big bar, if your big bar is more full than the one of your opponent, you win the minigame, if the opponent's bar has more in it, you lose the minigame. if you win, you do massive damage, if you lose, depending on the character you launch an ultimate with, the opponent takes less damage, you take damage, and I'm not sure but if tien loses the minigame his ultimate does far more damage then if he had won. to increase your chances of winning the minigame, use dragon rush (pkge or R2 for hyper mode, then press e during an attack that launches your opponent) to raise the opponents fatigue, if your opponent is fatigued a lot, his bar in the ultimate move minigame fills up at a faster rate, thus making it harder for them to properly time the button press. I hope this helps a lot ^_^
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