I can't find Goku's SDF (DM) in DU.

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4 years ago#1
Does Goku's Super Dragon Fist (DM not the ultimate) have a special unlocking requirement or something?

I couldn't find it during his Dragon Universe game (although admittedly searching around in that game mode is just a bore) and it was the only skill I couldn't find in DU.

I thought I might be able to buy it at the skills shop but it never shows up.

Is there a special unlocking requirement for SDF or did I just missed it somehow?
4 years ago#2
His super dragon fist is done by using spirit bomb in super sayian form or higher.
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#4
My bad.
I meant "dragon fist" as in his b+E,EEE,f+E move.

Not talking about his ultimate as I already mentioned on my post.

It's really annoying because it's called "super dragon fist" in Infinite World which is the game I am more familiar with even though B3 came first.

Either way, they shouldn't have given this DM a very similar name to his real "dragon fist" move.
4 years ago#5
I think i found mine in the mountains near the super buu fight. but i'm not really sure. if anything you can buy it in the shop for 10,000
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  3. I can't find Goku's SDF (DM) in DU.

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