why can't I make a shot anymore?

#1videowarrior59Posted 8/11/2010 8:59:36 AM
I have all the Tiger Woods games for the 'Cube and for the most part have enjoyed them every much. My question is I can't play decently anymore since leveling up all my skills and bonuses to the max. Drives that used to fo 300+ now are frequently 50-100 yds less and iron shots also are coming up woefully short even with a club that should be more than enough. It seems as if the game penalizes you for success. I played better before my skills were maxed out. I know I'm not doing anything different but the game makes no sense to me anymore and there is no rhyme or reason to making shots anymore. The game is no longer fun to play. Has anyone had similar issues? Thank-you.
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?