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10 years ago#1
Don't know what 1,2,3,4 means?
Want to post a combo in a notation that will not get you flamed?
Read this first.

1 - left punch (square)
2 - right punch (triangle)
3 - left kick (X)
4 - right kick (circle)
f - tap forward
F - hold forward
d - tap down
D - hold down
b - tap back
B - hold back
u - tap up
U - hold up
d/f - tap down forward
D/F - hold down forward
d/b - tap down back
D/B - hold down back
u/f - tap up forward
U/F - hold up forward
u/b - tap up back
U/B - hold up back
qcf - quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f)
qcb - quarter circle back (d, d/b, b)
hcf - half circle forward
hcb - half circle back

FC - fully crouching
WS - while standing up
N - joystick in neutral
WR - while running
SS - side step
SSL - side step to the left
SSR - side step to the right
, - followed by
~ - IMMEDIATELY followed by
< - delay, then followed by
+ - at the same time
_ - either/or
° - push and hold button (buffer)
: - just frame input

Grounded Positions
PLD - play dead position (face up & feet away)
KND - knockdown position (face up & feet towards)
SLD - slide position (face down & feet away)
FCD - face down position (face down & feet towards)

Move Properties
BT your back turned to the opponent
JG juggle starter
CH requires a counter hit
TC technically crouching during the move
TJ technically jumping during the move

Extra Combo Conventions
cc - crouch cancel (tap u or f,f while crouching)
cd - crouch dash (f,N,d,d/f)
iWS - instant while standing (d,d/b,N_d,d/f,N)
big - only works on big characters (e.g. Jack-5)
( ) - hit will miss, but is required for next hit to combo
ECD - electric crouch dash (f,N,d~d/f)*

Mishimas only (Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin)
wgf - wind godfist (f,N,d,d/f+2)
ewgf - electric wind godfist (f,N,d~d/f+2)*
tgf - thunder wind godfist (f,N,d,d/f+1)

Jin Only
whf - wind hookfist (f,N,d,d/f+2)
ewhf - electric wind hookfist (f,N,d~d/f+2)*

* For more info on eletric moves, like ewgf check out:

DS - double over stun (ex. Kazuya WS+2 counter hit)
[tap f to escape]
FS - fall back stun (ex. Kazuya WS+2)
[tap f to escape]
MS - minor stun (ex. Kazuya d/f+1, Paul SS+3)
KS - kneel stun (ex. Kuma d/f+1+2, Kazuya f+4)
CS - crumple stun (ex. Bryan b+2,1, Kazuya b+4)
CF - crumple fall (ex. Craig u/f+1+2, Yoshimitsu b+1+4)
CFS - crumple fall stun (ex. Kazuya f+1+2, Law f+2~1)
BS - block stun (to attacking character, ex. Law d/b+4)
SH - stagger hit (ex. Devil d/f+2)
GB - guard break (usually one or two hands go up in the air)

10 years ago#2
Character Specific Conventions

Lei Wulong
CRA art of crane
SNA art of snake
TGR art of tiger
DGN art of dragon
PAN art of panther
DRU drunken master

Steve Fox
FLK flicker
ALB albatross spin
DCK ducking
SWY sway
LWV left weave
RWV right weave

Ling Xiaoyu
AoP art of phoenix
RDS rain dance stance (back turned)
XMTS X marks the Spot (f,f+1+2,1+2)

LFF left foot forward
RFF right foot forward
LFS left flamingo stance
RFS right flamingo stance

Eddy Gordo
HSP handstand position
RLX relaxed position

Craig Marduk
VTS vale tudo stance

DSS dragon sign stance
DFS dragon fake step

Lee Chaolan
HMS hit man stance

HBS hunting bear stance
ROL prowling grizzly roll

INS indian sit
FLE flea stance
DGF dragonfly stance
MED meditation

Julia Chang
CES clockwise evasive spin

Feng Wei
KNP kenpo step

SDW shadow stance

Jin Kazama
CDS crouching demon stance

SIT sit down

CJM chaos judgment

HPF haze palm fist
LCT leg cutter

Feel free to add anything you want here.

My Battle Is Madness...
10 years ago#3
good stuff kain, glad to see you posting again
10 years ago#4
prints that out and nails it to wall.

Thanks very much kain,appreciate it,great post
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10 years ago#5
I was wondering what iWS means.
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10 years ago#6
I always thought we had a conventions thread in here...
Anyway, I'm glad to be back, tekken 5 rocks.
My Battle Is Madness...
10 years ago#7
I think GameFAQs now has a pinned/sticky function. I've seen it in another game forum. Anyone know how we can get it applied to this thread?
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10 years ago#8
Sorted. I've requested this thread as sticky at:

Others need not do so according to the first post in the thread.
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10 years ago#9
bumps for the n00bs...
btw, my WANG is great...
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10 years ago#10
"Thats a lotta nuts!!"
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