Are we ever going to find out what happened to Revan and the Exile? (SPOILERS)

#1FerioPosted 11/5/2008 10:57:25 AM
Unless Bioware takes a little diversion The Old Republic (their MMORPG in the works) somewhere down the line, I'm pretty certain that Revan and the Jedi Exile are going to forever remain wandering around the deep reaches of space forever with no one being quite sure what the hell is going on out there. Given that the "canon" ending to both games involves them going out in search of the "True Sith Empire," and apparently 300 years later the Republic is in conflict with some "Sith Empire" or another, we can either ascertain one of two possibilities:

A) The Sith Empire that will be a playable faction in TOR is said Empire they were looking for and they failed to do more than delay it from entering Republic Space

B) It's another rise of angry Jedi with eczema like we've seen before and whatever Sith Empire that was outside of Republic Space is largely irrelevant.

Furthermore, there's little chance of either Revan or the Exile appearing in game. It's unlikely that they've survived 300 years to the era the MMO is set in, and even with an amazing Force-sustaining ass-pull, it wouldn't fit with Bioware's philosophy. Even with "canon" endings to both games, they still supposedly want players to decide for themselves exactly what happened (as evidenced in KOTOR 2 when you can decide Revan's gender and alignment) and doing so much as putting a definite face on Revan or the Exile would serve to remove that choice, hence we probably won't even see so much as a holocron of either of them. Furthermore, in KOTOR 2 they made the consequences of Revan's choices in KOTOR 1 highly irrelevant, the end result is pretty much the same; the Revan takes a holiday to look for the "True Sith" and the Republic picks up the pieces. We can expect the outcome of KOTOR 2 to be much the same: The Republic is (somewhat) stabilized and the Lost Jedi go on to rebuild the order and the Exile decides to fade back into obscurity searching for Revan, or maybe chill out on Malachor V and be angsty, who really knows, the Dark Side ending of KOTOR 2 never made sense to me anyway.

In any case, chances are players are not going to ever know what Revan and the Exile found, and whether or not the Sith faction in TOR is going to come from some really old force lurking in the unknown regions or from poor anger management and lack of moisturizer, the difference isn't going to be all that pronounced. Just expect about 80% of the launch population to be Wookie Jedi.
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Statements already made by BioWare already confirm some of what you are speculating. They have indicated that Revan never returned from wherever he went, but the "True Sith" did. The Sith engaged in a war against the Republic which eventually led to an uneasy truce and the Treaty of Coruscant. The new MMO takes place in the time period just following that truce. The Sith in the MMO are the "True Sith" and their followers. The Jedi in the game are the descendant disciples of the new Jedi Order founded by the Exile's former companions. As for what exactly happened to Revan or the Exile, it does appear that they are leaving that a mystery (for the moment), but they will have anecdotal references to other characters from the previous games, if you look really hard for them.
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I dislike cliffhanger ending too!
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Just expect about 80% of the launch population to be Wookie Jedi.

I lol'd. But really, I expect that they won't allow wookie Jedi simply because of Lucas's decree that there will be no more wookie Jedi in the EU.
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