How to play on Windows 7 if possible at all

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7 years ago#1

I have installed KOTOR2 on a new system running Windows 7 RC 64 bit. It won't work. I tried the first suggestions given for Vista which didn't help. I don't understand the link given in the final step and how what file to download into the KOTOR2 folder.

7 years ago#2
The game simply worked for me in the Win 7 RC, but I was running the 32 bit version and I installed and ran the game using Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode. As far as I can tell, almost none of the extra steps that were required to run the game on Vista are needed to run the game on Win 7. If you are finding that to not be the case with the 64 bit version, I would suggest you wait until the OS is actually released and things like third party drivers are more stable before trying to run the game on Win 7.
7 years ago#3
I had my reservations installing it on windows 7 64bit but its worked fine, a lot easier than with Vista.

I installed it as normal then downloaded and swapped the .dll file (vista fix). Found the updates from lucas arts website and installed it and its worked straight away! i even forgot to set it to run in compatability mode.

Ive got no complaints and im very surprised that ive had a trouble free installation of the the game.

KOTOR II Works fine on windows 7 64bit for me
i dont care what you are nobody to me
7 years ago#4

I went to Lucas art homepage and I found no mention of a .dll file or Vista fix for KOTORII. Actually when prompted to enter my OS for support on KOTORII no Vista or Win 7 alternative was given. So what and where is this file to be swapped?

7 years ago#5
It is the Mss32.dll file, a very common support library found in many games (it is part of the Miles Sound System). You will not find any info on it from LucasArts as they do not support this game on any OS beyond XP. The first thing you should do is check any other games you have installed on your computer to see if you already have a copy of the right version of the file (Windows file search is your friend). You want to find a copy with the version number (KotOR 2 has version, no other versions are confirmed to work (at least on Vista). If you do not have the correct file in any of your other games, then you will need to download it from FileFront. A link to the correct file can be found in the Vista how-to topic a few threads down in the forum. Once you have the file, you just need replace the one found in the game's install directory with the new (old) copy and that should be it.
7 years ago#6

I did find this file with version but still I got the same problem

7 years ago#7
What exactly is the problem? Just saying "it won't work" doesn't really tell us much. Do you get any error messages? Does the game even launch? If it launches, when does it stop working? What did you do just prior to it not working? Giving us some more specific details might help. Also providing hardware specs could help point to the cause and a possible solution.
7 years ago#8

I can launch the initial menue and click 'Game'. The game then starts loading showing first the Lucas art logo anf then Obsidian and then a third screen. Up till this point everything is normal. Then while waiting for the game menue to display a Window pop up displaying the error message 'Star Wars Knights of the old republic II has seased working. Searching for solution online (which isn't found).

I have AMD X2 6000 , 4 Gb PC6400 RAM , 8800GT 512M DDR3 running Win 7 RC. I have checked thar the mss32.dll file is of version I run the game as administrator and have tried both Win XP SP2 and SP3 compatibility mode

7 years ago#9

That's sounds like the SecuROM problem the game occasionally has. The error you are getting is at about the point SecuROM performs its initial disk check. You can fix the problem by submitting an analysis log to SecuROM and they will send you an updated file to correct the issue. I'm not sure if the fact that you are running Win 7 will make difference to them, but it might (i.e. they may not be supporting it yet). Instructions from the LucasArts website:

If you would like to find out what there is on your computer that keeps the copy-protected application from starting although there is an original disc in the drive, please follow the procedure below and submit the resulting AnalysisLog.sr0 file to

1. Place the original disc in a local physical CD/DVD-ROM drive.
2. Re-boot the computer.
3. "Right-click" on the desktop shortcut or the actual executable(this file is located in the folder where you installed the game) and a dialogue window will appear.
4. Choose "Launch Analysis" from the choices and release the mouse.
5. A disclaimer window will appear.
6. To proceed, please click on the "Yes" button.
7. The application will now generate an "AnalysisLog.sr0" file within the root of your hard drive.
8. Please "zip" the file (to avoid email corruption) and submit it to for evaluation along with the name of the software you cannot start.

7 years ago#10

Can'y comply with step 4. There are no such option as launch analysis in either shortcut or game executable.

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