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User Info: kane777

7 years ago#1
For once not a technical question.

Anyways what order do you guys prefer to go to planets in?

User Info: MooseUpNorth

7 years ago#2
The reason you haven't gotten an answer is that there are about 500 threads on that very topic.

User Info: drowelfX

7 years ago#3
^^^ Yes, the 3 topics from a year ago are the end-all to this discussion </sarcasm>
My personal order is Nar Shaddaa -> Onderon (1st time) -> Korriban -> Onderon (2nd time) -> Dantooine. But I change it up all the time
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User Info: red255

7 years ago#4
The arguement for Dantooine first because its somewhat anti jedi (though they don't do much about it) is good for a role playing perspective.

Nar Shadaa first for a power gaming perspective as you get most of your party there + ability to make people jedi.

And Korriban last because of the cave.

Nice to get that crystal from Dantooine after you have your first saber.

so I'd say Nar Shadaa -> Dantooine -> Onderron -> Korriban -> Onderon -> Dantooine.

But I wander all over the place, going back to telos and wherever just to dump items in shops that stick around and I have discounts with.
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User Info: BobtheJedi

7 years ago#5

Lightsaber run:

Nar Shaddaa- Dantoine- Onderon - Korriban

Other (Guns, unarmed, ect.)

Nar Shaddaa - Onderon - Dantoine - Korriban.

So not a lot changes in between, I just go to Onderon earlier in my gunner games as they usually have good pistols in the Mandalorian camp.

User Info: Xeno_Predator

7 years ago#6
^ That's pretty much it. It bothers me when I don't go with the most efficient route :p
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User Info: JosieJ

7 years ago#7
Dantooine-->Nar Shaddaa--> Onderon pt. 1--> Korriban-->Onderon pt. 2

Just fits with the way I play, especially which characters I like to have in my party at certain points of the game.

User Info: rogueinspace

7 years ago#8
Usually Nar Shadaa first to get Mira, G0-T0, and HK-47 in the party, and make Atton a jedi. After that it's anything, although I like Korriban last for the role-playing factor.
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User Info: Brownie_the_3rd

7 years ago#9
i like going to dantooine first and doing the crystal cave, i then head off to nar shaddaa to build my lightsaber and collect and upgrade party members after that i pretty much do it randomly
last time i went to onderon>dantooine>onderon again>korriban>nar shaddaa after got my saber and upgraded party members

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