Marry Anora and Stay with Leliana as my mistress.

#1AbyssinianPosted 11/4/2010 5:36:13 PM

I know this topic has been done to death but bear with me.

Ok, this is my first playtrough as a Human Noble and I want to become king but I want my character to have his extra marital piece of ass on the side. Even though I found Anora the prittiest out of the 3 girls I want Leliana to stay with me since Morrigan is gonna leave no matter what.

I already made the deal with the queen to marry me, by this point I already ended things with Leliana and get back with her after her personal quest. When I talk to her after leaving Eamon's state she says that I should stay with the queen and no matter what I respond she always ends things with me. My question would be, if I want to keep Leliana as my mistress should I not engage in any conversation with her? I don't get the "aren't you sweet and attentive" lines if I talk with her about the queen so my guess is that I shouldn't talk to her at all until I'm already married. Leliana is already hardened so I don't know what seems to be the problem with this.

What should I do? not talk to her at all? She doesn't seem to confront me in Camp and even though I'm also in a relationship with Morrigan she doesn't seem to give a damn if I stay with here even if I marry Anora.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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She is behaving as if she isn't hardened, I hate to say.

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If I remember correctly I actually harden her, I choose the line of "not punish yourself for doing something you enjoy" or something like that. I remember because I was actually trying to harden her. If my choice would've been something else we would've talked about the Maker and stuff, instead we talked about embracing the killers we truly are or something like that.

I just wonder if I countinue playing after the Landsmeet she'll stay with me, as long as I don't talk to her until then.