Human, Elf or Dwarf?

#1Bordaar11482Posted 10/25/2009 2:36:24 PM

Not sure if this question has been asked yet but...

On your first play through are you going to be the highly hated, but "accepted" because your a grey warder, Elf? Or the Human, who will obviously have an easier time with interactions. Or the neutral Dwarf, whom im sure will neither be hated or loved in towns.

I for one am not sure which one I want. I want to play a Rogue and take the Ranger spec and there for go with the Dalish origin since it seems to fit. But im not sure if the first time through I want to give myself the challange that comes with being hated.

What do you guys think?

#2DagbikerPosted 10/25/2009 2:39:02 PM
i wish there was another option besides human noble. like human commoner.
then i would pick human. but as of now i dont know
#3Hambone2010Posted 10/25/2009 2:41:45 PM
I am going for the Dalish elf rogue/warrior (havent decided which would be best for an archer class)
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I am thinking the rogue has the better stats to add for the ranger. They get +4 dexterity and cunning which seems to me are the best for the ranger. But im taking my info from Baldur's Gate series and NWN. Rangers/Archers were never good close fighters and the fact that they cant wear anything higher than light armor. But with the Master Archer talent its says they can wear heavy so again im not sure. Kinda confusing.

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I'll play as a human and explore the other races if the game merits a replay.
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Cant figure out how to edit posts but yeah I meant Grey Warden lol. Hit the wrong key. :P

#7Kensai_ArkusaiPosted 10/25/2009 3:08:43 PM
I'm going human mage, so if I'm not mistaken, I still get the distinct pleasure of being hated and feared. Yay!

I'd be more interested in elves if they weren't so tiny next to humans. I just feel that their proportions are kind of messed up, I dunno.

I'll actually be upset if people aren't treating me with scorn and disdain. Mages did, kinda destroy heaven and create the darkspawn after all.
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So says the chantry.
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Heres a rough idea what some people are planning
Human Noble Warrior: 11
Human Noble Rogue: 3
Human Mage: 3

Dalish Elf Rogue: 1
Dalish Elf Warrior: 2
City Elf Warrior: 3
City Elf Rogue: 3
Elf Mage: 5

Dwarf Commoner Warrior: 1
Dwarf Commoner Rogue:2
Dwarf Noble Rogue: 1
Dwarf Noble Warrior: 5

Human Noble Warrior: 3
Human Noble Rogue:1
Human Mage: 3

Dalish Elf Rogue: 1
Dalish Elf Warrior:
City Elf Warrior:
City Elf Rogue: 3
Elf Mage:3

Dwarf Commoner Warrior:1
Dwarf Commoner Rogue:1
Dwarf Noble Rogue:
Dwarf Noble Warrior:1
#10hobomonkeyPosted 10/25/2009 3:22:57 PM

i'm going with an elf mage, so if Kensai_Arkusai's assumption about mages is correct, i'll be doubley hated