Jug of water and altar in forest ruins

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7 years ago#1
Can anyone shed some light on how to open the door in the lower ruins?

There's a pool of water, a jug in it, and an altar. I've tried filling the jug, placing it on the altar, sipping it, praying, combination of the two, nothing's working.
7 years ago#2
i'm in the same situation, all possible combinations tryed. It must be unlocked later on in the game.
7 years ago#3
I've been fighting with it too and I can't figure it out or find any help.
7 years ago#4
So I just figured it out, but I'm honestly not sure what I did.
I think I filled the jug, put it on the altar, prayed, took a sip, then poured it back in the pool.
I may have gotten the sip/prayer backwards and I'm not confident that's everything I did but the door is opened.
7 years ago#5
You can find a "manual" in one of the sarco***i(wtf??) in the ruins.

Here goes:
get the jug from the fountain and fill it with water
place it at the altar
examine the jug and take a sip
take the jug
pour the water back to the fountain.

and there is your door open
7 years ago#6
I think mine is glitched. When I pray, the water disappears from the jug. Maybe I need the manual in my inventory?
7 years ago#7
do you only take a single sip from the jug?
7 years ago#8
Yeah that was it. You need the tablet from the center area of the same map. Then you can fill it, put it on altar, pray, take it and dump it back into the pool. Door opens.
7 years ago#9
I kinda just skipped past that part, anything worth going back for?
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7 years ago#10

thanks, xensex for helping me figure it out.

To get past the door in the elven lower ruins:

1. get tablet from room in center of map

2. go back to jug/pool area

3. fill jug, place on altar, pray, take 1 sip (cannot take sip without tablet), take jug off alter and dump remains back into pool.

4. done.

hope this helps!

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