Altar, Earthen Jug, Water. Pray??? Spolier

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I am after Whitherfang, and got to the lower ruins, now I have this Jug I have to fill up with water, and put on the altar and pray infront of, and then some gas get leaked, and i kill the 2 people. Now The door still remains locked, and I cant proceed, anyone can you tell me what to do?

Another thing, whats with all the chests being locked and not being able to pick them, anyone help me there too?

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yeah, me too... all i can get to happen is have two shades spawn, can't even loot them when i'm done.
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you have to just take a sip of the jug and then pour the water back in the pond.
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this is false

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you need the elven tablet from the Sarcophagus first.

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1. Fill the jug with water and take it.
2. Place it on the altar.
3. Kneel and pray.
4. Take a sip from the jug.
5. Pour the rest of the water back into the pond.

Door opens.
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When I pray the water turns to gas and the option to sip is removed.

What am I doing wrong?
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Did you do the three gravestones in the forest first?
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Ahh, Make sure you get the elven tablet from the room with the crazy ghost kid