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7 years ago#1 catch-all question thread was ignored so I'll try a more focused approach:

Freaking REVENANTS are by far the hardest creature I've encountered in the game - much harder than any bosses so far. Revenants combined with other creatures is unbelievable hard, like hitting those tombs in the forest. I conquered one but they appear to get harder with each tomb. Facing a single Revenant, like in the elven ruins, i've had some success having one tank distract while everyone else hits him with range - after 30 minutes (mild exaggeration) he goes down. Any advice on how to beat Revenant with his friends?

Combat in general I find pretty hard and it just gets worse as you go along. I hit a random encounter with shrieks in which 3 of my party got crushed pretty quick. Luckily and somehow, with my main rogue I ran around throwing everything in my pack at the remaining darkspawn while chugging what remaining health potions I've had and beat these guys literally at the last possible second. Anyway, what surprises is how much I had to waste out my pack in a random encounter and these bombs and potions are not easy to come by. I'd appreciate some general tips on combat based on your experience. Is it always this hard? I've been getting by but seem to spend most of my money on potions or ingredients instead of fun things like weapons and armor.

alos, what is DPS?

7 years ago#2
-Use your mage(s) more
-The game is harder than average, pause and plan out your strategy for every fight until you feel more confident
-dps = damage per second
7 years ago#3
Revenants tend to hit everything within melee range so any casters/ranged attackers should be positioned well back from the revenant so that your healers can focus on melee attackers only.
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7 years ago#4

Thanks. Any thoughts on how to use tactics options? The only thing I use it for at this point is to automate buffs/hostility/healing.

7 years ago#5
it's alot easier higher level.. but when i was low level first thing i'd do is force field on revenant while i kill as many of his mobs as i can.. if there's elites i'd hope to get lucky with a freeze and shatter combo.

after you've taken care of the mobs get your tank to start hitting the force fielded revenant.. once the field is broken have him use all his aggro abilities that you have.. taunt-threaten and anything you have that can generate damage.. after that throw a force field on the tank and have the revenant wack away uselessly.

When it casts it's mass pull you'll need to control each character and move them away as his normal melee hits can do area damage. and at low level that can mean almost all your mages HP.

If you have a secondary melee make sure you put him behind the revenant and constantly monitor his health and have him use potions. ( at low level expect to go through quite a few lesser health pots and maybe a couple less lyrium potions for mages )

I used two mages for these fights btw.. both with force field since it breaks out before the cooldown is over. Also.. most spells he will resist at low levels so stick to using your mana on damage attacks and when desperate in case it breaks away from the tank and chases you use cone of Cold. it always freezes at the least and on normal the cooldown will be over shortly after he breaks out.

For me most my dps came from my second melee character.. who i had use poisons on his weapons and had a fire weapon buff from one of my mages.

If your tank doesn't have the skills to hold aggro well enough for force field to work in this fight then you'll need to do something different.. use skills that weaken the revenant... ala disorient.. weakness.. glyph of warding.. and if you got them death hex and misdirection hex will change the entire fight.. miasma works excellent as well. There's also a fair number of rogue/warrior skills that will lower enemy attack/defense.

There's other methods as well but that's enough for now lol. Good luck.
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7 years ago#6

thanks. that sound pretty helpful, but I'm not sure what you mean by the force field. at one point it sounds like whatever this spell is, is on the Revenant and then another time on the tank. what is the spell(s)

7 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#8
for tactics just stick to the things that you dont want to bother doing yourself every battle.. but for situational abilities and such just leave those to do yourself.

For general combat just remember Crown control is the best way to avoid heavy item use. Sleep/waking nightmare are my favourites for this.. in buildings/caverns i like to use glyph of repulsion in narrow area's and hit H to hold my party back with me while I cast spells like inferno/blizzard/tempest/earthquake/deathCloud into an area the enemy just can't get out of.

If not a mage then make sure your making use of traps in those narrow doorways and using fire bomb items and the like. As well as poisons on your weapons. Make good use of your herbalism/poison making abilities.. it's the cheapest way to get potions and best way to fight with poisons. Certain vendors will sell lots of lyrium dust and flasks in mage tower.. i can't remember where the deathroot vendor was.. or the root that gives hp potions.. but they're somewhere. Buy em all up. they're cheap.
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7 years ago#9
yeah it's a spell that makes the character/enemy unable to take any action but also makes them unable to take any damage. ( they can be healed in the case of allies however. )
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7 years ago#10
orien says:

I found that the last Ice Elemental magic works pretty for crowds, and since Morrigan starts on that elemental path, it's the way to go.

On NORMAL difficulty setting you get hit for about 50% to 75% the damage it deals per tick, the slowdown effect, but NOT the freeze effect if you get someone caught inside, so most of the time you can safely either retreat from the AoE once most minions are frozen and pelt them with magic and ranged attacks, or just bash them while they cannot retaliate.

Revenants also get frozen, but seem to recover faster, so I commonly use the spell to take out the "normal" minions (you get about 10-15 secs of freeze time on those) to end on a 4v1 combat with little scratches (maybe one or two hits from the Revenant if he didn't get frozen fast enough).

Also, strangely enough, my best "tank" for revenant fights is a dual wielding rogue instead of a heavily armored character. With enough dex, evasion skill (20% to evade any physical attack) and +evasion % equipment, since the revenant goes two handed, he's pretty slow on his swings and many of his attack fail or are evaded... and if he gets one in he usually deals less than one heal spell worth of damage even to light armor. With a dedicated healer you have 90% of the battle won as long as the revenant sticks with the rogue-tank.

Also, Revenant can be paralyzed for about 2-3 seconds of respite, so paralization runes on both weapons and the faster attack sustainable skill are also very helpful

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