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7 years ago#1
For those who were dissatisfied with the bright and pixelated appearance of the Blood Dragon Armor, I've edited the textures to provide an alternative.

I didn't do too much because I wanted to preserve the general appearance of the armor. I've made it darker and smoothed the edges of some of the details so the armor appears more in-tune with the rest of the textures in game. Here are some images:




You'll need WinRAR to access and open this file so that you can extract the texture files within. The 'extract to' directory should look something like this...

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Once the texture files are in there, you should be good to go.

Download Link:

NOTE: These are only the LARGE textures. If you correctly extract these to the folder and you see no change in-game, then you are probably using mid-size or small-size textures. I will release those in their own packages in a moment. I'd just like to get a feel to see how this looks in-game for other people before editing and packing those textures

NOTE 2: The red armor you see in some shots is a WIP texture edit for the Juggernaut Armor. In case you're curious.

Feel free to comment and critique based on your experiences with it.
GT: lJustAlexl
(those are lowercase Ls)
7 years ago#2
Looks too brown in some light... Also seems a bit pixelated on the red shoulder, still. Looks better overall, but it sort of seems like you just blurred out the texture to make it looks smoother.

Bigger picture so you can see the shoulder better
7 years ago#3

Here's another one closer up. It's like you get the choice between brown and blurry and white and pixelated. I think if you really want to make it look nice, you might just have to totally remake a high-res texture for it. I'll probably stick with using yours, though.
7 years ago#4
Hm...your colors are a lot more rich too. What are your graphics card settings set to with regards to gamma, brightness, contrast, etc. in-game?

Judging by the difference between our screenshots, there's definitely something amiss there. The brown takes me at a complete surprise, since the original texture is gray/white, and I simply lowered the brightness to get achieve the dark look.
GT: lJustAlexl
(those are lowercase Ls)
7 years ago#5
Well I play in windowed mode and my desktop settings are just the default. I think my colors look different because of the stage of the game I'm in. I don't want to say where because this isn't marked with spoilers, but bad things are happening.
7 years ago#6
Also my settings like that shouldn't affect screenshots I take. It's just the ligthing in the game.
7 years ago#7
Np. I'll tweak mine a bit to get something closer to yours. I've always felt my settings were a bit off, but this is good evidence of that.

Re-upload to come in a bit.
GT: lJustAlexl
(those are lowercase Ls)
7 years ago#8 my graphics driver and set all display settings to default...I'm just not seeing any of those colors. Making it a bit more sharp also reveals all of the splotches in texture that were visible initially as well.
GT: lJustAlexl
(those are lowercase Ls)
7 years ago#9
looks better, awaiting med textures.
7 years ago#10
It looks so old and dark now. :( The brighter white of it is what made it look so good.
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