Opinion regarding a dual-wield rogue/assassin build...

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  3. Opinion regarding a dual-wield rogue/assassin build...
6 years ago#1
I'm planning to use the build below for my dual wield dps rogue, human noble. hopefully you guys can critique it :) Also, what stat progression would be the best? Should I put all points into dex? Thanks :D

dirty fighting
1 - below the Belt, dualweapon training
2 - dual striking
3 - dualweapon finesse
4 - combat movement
5 - deadly strike
6 - riposte
7 - mark of death
8 - lethality
9 - dualweapon Eepert
10 - coup de grace
11 - cripple
12 - dualweapon mastery
13 - punisher
14 - exploit weakness
15 - lacerate
16 - feast of the fallen
17 - evasion
18 - feign death
19 - dualweapon sweep
20 - flurry

What seems to be your boggle?
6 years ago#2
Honestly, all the activated dual-wield skills suck. Momentum might be good but haste does the same thing and they don't stack as far as i could tell. Getting the 4th dual-weapon mastery is a waste as daggers with good runes like the elemental runes and paralyze runes can out dps dual longs swords because of the speed.

I would just stay away from anything activated for a rogue except dirty fighting your backstab and crits will outpower any of the activated skills. I say this because you won't have enough stamina to use them alot.because of your sustained talents. Stealh is really fun to use and can get you behind spell casters.

Ranger in this game is actually really good. Summoning an extra unit can save your life and draw enemies. Perfect bait for aoe spells. Use your bear and shoot from afar using a bow then finish them using stealth and backstab.

If you aren't keen on getting loot from locked chests, you can skip the device mastery talents. But keep in mind, you get a ton of good loot and exp from opening locked chests and disarming traps.
6 years ago#3
Ayt thanks! How do you suggest I do my build then?
What seems to be your boggle?
6 years ago#4
As far as I know, Dual Longsword/Other main hand weapons does better DPS than Daggers, so I'd suggest completing Dual Weapon Mastery.
6 years ago#5

A DW dagger rogue is sounding good to me now. Can anyone give me a build with stat progression and skill/talent choices per level up? I've really really tried hard to look for a specific build, but all everyone's giving me are vague tips...

Thanks :) Hopefully someone can help :D
What seems to be your boggle?
6 years ago#6
And I'm planning to install the dagger-fix thing for PC BTW :D
What seems to be your boggle?
6 years ago#7
No one? =(

What seems to be your boggle?
6 years ago#8

From: Ray Gun | #004
As far as I know, Dual Longsword/Other main hand weapons does better DPS than Daggers, so I'd suggest completing Dual Weapon Mastery.

Negative. Vheshail (forget how it is spelled) axe and rose thorn dagger would get a rogue the best DPS due to the insane crit bonus.

Telling someone not to get Momentum is stupid as well. Haste is situational, Momentum can stay on forever. I do agree that you don't need to bother maxing dual wield mastery and I would recommend three points into it. Ignore Feign Death, it should be one of the last abilities you get if you find yourself with more points that you can spend, which would be unlikely. Anyway, get Momentum as soon as possible, then everything else is up to you. It seems you have a decent talent list.

For stats, you can go one of two ways. One way will make you deal the best single target DPS in the game, the other will allow you to open all chests, talk your way into Jesus's pants, and be able to disable every trap. Since I'm more experienced with the latter, I'll tell you the stats you should get for it:
STR 20
DEX 35
CUN 45+
CON 18-20

Willpower is up to you, but I wouldn't put more than a few points there.
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6 years ago#9
Base attribute:

20/35/22 Str/Dex/Cun

Working towards these skills:

Duel Training Expert = 3
Coup de Grace = 3
Device Mastery = 4
Master Stealth = 4
Exploit Weakness = 2
Pinpoint strike = 4

that's 20 talent points, Riposte is worth getting if you don't want to go down the lockpicking path.

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6 years ago#10

I won't be doing any powergaming, just need a good enough build that'll be fun to play, but not too difficult I'd pull my hair out. The latter build you mentioned (the more versatile stat build) seems very nice, you think my talent build is already good enough? Which do I need to adjust?

I appreciate the replies everyone, been looking for some advice ever since I got it. I know I should try figuring this out on my own, but the cryptic information on the game's description for skills is making it difficult.

What seems to be your boggle?
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  3. Opinion regarding a dual-wield rogue/assassin build...

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