Unbound quest ... how to get it?

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7 years ago#1
How do i activate Unbound quest?
7 years ago#2
talk to the dwarf adventurer in the bar in ozammar hes in the back left corner when you walk in, then go to denerim into one of those alley ways and theres something like dirty hovel or some sort of shack and you have to mention his name and he will let you in and try to kick your ass

hes a mildly hard boss btw
7 years ago#3
i heard that you had to get some codex entries from various ruins in the game too???
7 years ago#4
if so they would be scattered about in deep roads, i can't tell you for sure because im at work
7 years ago#5
In various dungeons you'll come across the corpses of unlucky adventurers. Once you find two or three of them and their attached codex entries I believe you can go to Denerim and finish the quest.
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7 years ago#6

Nah, they're scattered around ferelden, at least one is in the elven ruins on a dead adventurer. I only just started the deep roads and I already have unbound in my quest log.

7 years ago#7
Gaxkang the Unbound sent those adventurers on their suicide missions, you use their notes to follow the trail back to the undead horror. I don't think it takes all of them, but it does take a few.
7 years ago#8
oh ok now i remember that, theres also on in the same room as andraste's ashes as well as possibly one in the first zone of the ruined temple outside of haven
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