changing the PC's voice mid-game?

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User Info: EnspyroN

7 years ago#1
is there any way? i really hate my character's voice but i dont want to restart. i was thinking maybe it is possible to rename some voice files?

User Info: icefaii

7 years ago#2

Probably doable. Have you tried switch the names of the voice file? You can always go back by making a back up copy if something goes wrong..

User Info: giocare

7 years ago#3
Go under Dragon Age/packages/core/audio/vo/en-us/vo and look for your voice file, for example if you chose human male violent it would be ss_pc_mhuman_violent.fev and ss_pc_mhuman_violent.fsb, either delete them or rename them to one of the different voice files.

User Info: EVOLV3

7 years ago#4

When do you even hear his voice?

User Info: someone

7 years ago#5
More than half the time you ask him to access a door, open a chest, interact with an object, and in battle.

I assume you mistook your character's voice for one of your teammates, because it speaks often. Almost annoyingly so.
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User Info: justoxx2

7 years ago#6
I made the same mistake the TC probably did, and since i dont want to start over either i tried to change the files around. Bad idea. now all the the manipulated files have stopped working, when i create a character now 3 of the voices/animations are practically absent. No sound, no animation. only the untouched voice files work.

Dunno why but I cant seem to revert this back to default now, but i geuss its better than listening the the really out of place voice in the first place.
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  3. changing the PC's voice mid-game?

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