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7 years ago#1
DLC weapons

Starfang - Random encounter with a meteor, take metal to Blacksmith at Soldiers peak after completion of Warden's Keep DLC

Asturian's Might (Upgradable - tier 6) - Find all 4 pieces of codec scattered in Warden's Keep and loot the chest from the painting in the main hall after you have sealed the veil

Antique Warden Crossbow - Loot off Warden bow leader just outside warden's keep

Winter's Breath - Loot off the Demon with 4 warden healing it in the main hall

Dead Thiag Shanker - Loot off Alpha Orge from Shale's Companion Quest after you completed the Ozammar questline

Olaf's prized cheeze cutter - Chest in eastern area of Stone Prisoner DLC initial town area

DLC Armor

Warden Tower Shield - Certain dialogue options opens this shield as a random loot from sophia's body

Warden Commanders Set (Upgradable - tier 7) - All Loot off Sophia

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7 years ago#2
Unique Weapons

Beastmaster - Chest in Magi tower

Bloodline(Upgradable - tier 7) - Spider Queen in Deep roads

Ageless(Upgradable - +2slots) - Loot off Dragon in Ozammar throne room after triggering the 3 pressure plates

Axameter - Random World encounter after completing Dalish Elf Questline

Adoh - Loot off leader of White falcon leader in random city map transit encounter once chased the white falcon out of the pearl

Keening Blade - Collect 3 pieces of codec from ancient temple(Andraste Ash Questline), Dwarf in Tapster Tavern in Ozammar and brecillian ruins (Dalish elf Questline) after which you travel to the back alley in Denerim and enter the lock house.

Topsider's Blade - Collect 3 parts of the sword in different areas of deep roads and return to the grave for this sword

Yusaris - Collect all 5 codecs in magi tower and in the gathering hall where you find the last piece of the codec, touch the left, right center statues and the last on in the centre of that floor (there is a mini boss fight area) and return to the location where you picked wynne up and try to enter the basement door to trigger a fight

Spellweaver - Off a Mage deeper down into the ancient temple area (Andraste Ashes Questline) in the area where you find drakescales

Spear Thrower - Loot off Genlock Forgemaster in the Dead Trenches Area

Forgemaster's Hammer - Loot off Genlock Forgemaster in the Dead Trenches Area

Wolf Killer - Ironbark reward from Dalish Merchant questline

Thorn of the Dead Gods - Multiple weapons with different tier's, best can be found doing the Drifter's Questline by collecting 4 codecs of the areas in the deep roads and visiting the Drifter's Cache.

Marjolaine's Recurve - Completing Leliana's Companion questline (in a chest in the bedroom in the house where the quest is done)

Vanguard - Loot off Branka in deep roads

Branka's Shield - Loot off Branka in deep roads

Unique Armor Sets

Effort Set
Duty helm - Use dog find item option in Anvil of the Void
Effort Gloves - Chest in Dead Trenches
Effort Boots - Merchant in Ozammar Dust town
Effort Chestplate - Loot off Broodmother

Juggernaut Set
Visit the 3 tomestones in Brecillian forest and loot off the Revenants (Mages Treasure Questline)
Last piece is in the elven Ruins where you have to find a tablet in a sarcophagus which instructs you on how to solve the ritual puzzle in the next room

Diligence Set
Diligence Chestplate - Ancient temple off a knights body (Andraste's Ashes Questline)
Diligence Boots - at Owen's in Redcliffe.
Diligence Gloves - in chest at the back of the Shaperate in Orzammar

Drake/Dragon Armor
6 piece of Drakescale from Drakes in Cave area of Andraste's Ashes Questline
1 piece of Dragonscale from High Dragon fought at mountain top Andraste's Ashes Questline
bring them to Waye in Denerim

Dead Legion Set
Dead Helm - Off altar in room before broodmother in Dead Trenches
Other 3 pieces can be found in sarcophagus littered in Dead Trenches

Dead Coat of Arms - Loot off Revenent (phalyactery) in one of the dead alley's in Denerim

If you find this information useful, bump this up for others.

or if you find information here which is wrong feel free to correct me as well as post useful information of other unique or rare items which i have not listed
I am the High Dragon!
I am a force of nature and not to be trifled with. How I got online is one of the great mysteries of the universe.
7 years ago#3
Ancient Elven Set
Ancient Helm - Trading the hermit in the forest
Ancient Gloves - In one of the chests in Haven (Andraste's Ashes Questline)
Ancient Armor - in Chest in Elven Ruins near entrance to werewolf lair
Ancient Boots - (suppose to be in lothering locked cabinent)
I am the High Dragon!
I am a force of nature and not to be trifled with. How I got online is one of the great mysteries of the universe.
7 years ago#4
What do you mean with upgradable, can't say i ever noticed that i could upgrade items, other than slots for runes. Thanks for the list though!
7 years ago#5
smith in redcliff if you sell gear to him, he'll randomly upgrade it to a higher tier that you can buy back from him later on.
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7 years ago#6
Great list, getting the Yusaris now, thanks
Adam Testicles- My Cool
7 years ago#7
Yeah im wondering about this as well, how do I upgrade items? Great list regardless!
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7 years ago#8
I believe that means that if you sell it to a merchant (the blacksmith at Soldiers Peak or Bohdan, for example), you can come back later to find that they still have the weapon but it's now made of a higher grade of material. Then you buy it back at the new price and have your favorite weapon back at useable power levels.
7 years ago#9
Good stuff.

Helm of Honnleath - looted off Desire Demon in Stone Prisoner DLC
Cadash Stompers - looted off Ogre Alpha in Cadash Thaig (DLC - Shale's Companion Quest)
Axe of the Vashoth - looted off Hurlock General in final battle sequence
Faith's Edge - looted off Kolgrim during Urn of Andraste's Ashes quest
Maetashear War Axe - looted off High Dragon during Urn of Andraste's Ashes quest
The Rose's Thorn - purchased in Orzammar Common Quarter
7 years ago#10
Oh thanks for the info on upgrades! Nice to know
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