Can't decide whether to help Elves or Werewolves (spoiler)

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7 years ago#1
by that I mean.. helping keeper what's-his-face kill witherfang or breaking the curse

it's such a moral grey. The keeper has great reasons to want the werewolves to suffer (when they were humans, they ruined his life).... My character is Dalish so it seems I should side with the keeper but he is an ass. I played through it and tried just about every option and I can't decide. it's been the hardest decision thus far for me.

The thing that is making me not want to help the wolves is the fact that the scene where the curse gets broken is soooo cheesy..same with the part were the wolves are human

I could always kill both of them...
the scene where the curse gets broken is so cheesy that I'm almost willing to take the more evil way out.
7 years ago#2
what did you guys choose and why?
7 years ago#3
Kill them both, but if you cant handle it kill the mage cause it gives you an awsome staff.
7 years ago#4
I looked at it in a more simple manner, the warewolves were killing innocent people, so they should die. zathran may have done something horrible, but I think killing people is worse than cursing them
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7 years ago#5
i cured the wolves and picked the elves for my army.

elves for your army gives you access to the elf shop, which has unlimited elfroot for potions.

the werewolf recruitment fight is a lot easier.

if you got the ironbark and the special weapon, then the shop closes, so you might as well go with werewolves since then the lack of shop doesn't hurt.

oh, and having werewolves in your army means the lady of the forest gets to live.
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7 years ago#6
*minor spoilers*

Both of the options you're considering are technically siding with the elves.
7 years ago#7
On my first playthrough I offered to kill off the Dalish. But I was playing as a ruthless power hungry human noble with psychotic tendencies.

Try the last minute switcheroo in Orzammar, by giving the crown to the opposite of who you were supporting. Betraying Harrowmont is made doubly sweet because it leads to his execution. Bwahahaha.
7 years ago#8
Werewolves look cooler in battle but elves are more useful in general.

I'd side with elves for pragmatism and Werewolves for style. Which side is in the right depends on where your sympathies lay and you can kill both or help both, it's up to you. Personally the way I see it you're either a butcher or a tyrant.
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7 years ago#9
Oh I left out that werewolves come to the battle as is with no Exp bonuses for augmenting them and no augmentations. Elves can be given materials to make their bows more deadly and make them take more hits, and they provide a massive volly of ranged support, so siding with the elves is a strong tactical move. The werewolves can only take a few hits and they are melee based, so they get hit more. They also come in far fewer numbers.

Still they look cool, and to have an army of werewolves for that reason alone is interesting.
Peter Molyneux - Because if you lie like a lawyer no one can call you on it.
7 years ago#10
The "tactical reasons" are rather invalid really, because the battles in which you can use the armies are really, REALLY easy to breeze through compared to the rest of the game, even without using the armies at all. just saying.

And no, I wasn't a mage. 2H warrior.
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