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7 years ago#1
So i just installed the dlc items that include blood armor, the rings, the silverite dagger, etc. but i dont nearly have enough room to fit them all. now im missing a lot of items. where do those items go and how do i get em?
7 years ago#2
anyone help?
7 years ago#3
DLC tab from the main menu on the game.
7 years ago#4
Disable dlc. Reload game. Re-enable dlc.
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7 years ago#5
didnt help. i disabled it, reloaded the game, enabled it, but still didnt show up.
7 years ago#6
You're doing it wrong.

1. Exit out of any game you're in.
2. Under the DLC tab, click the check box next to the DLC to disable it (box should be blank).
3. Load up a save. It'll give you a message saying your game could go bonkers if a character is using an item that you've disabled or whatever, so click to force load.
4. Save game.
5. Exit game.
6. Re-enable DLC. There should now be a check in the box.
7. Load up the last save.
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