Arl Rendon Howe's Daughter? (-Spoilers I guess -)

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6 years ago#1
Random question I know.

In the Male Human origin Howe mentions that his daughter has a crush on the PC and would like to see him again. Does this daughter ever materialize during the ending parts of the game or in Awakening (I know his son does)?

6 years ago#2
She is in Awakening (along with one of his sons, he has two.)
6 years ago#3
Thanks. Found her on the wiki. I must say she's not at all what I expected. Howe's made it sound like she was a teenager with a crush, implying maybe 16 or 17. If DAO took about 6 months and DAA is 6 months after that, add a little more time to find her, that would be about 18 months after the Human Origin. I wasn't expecting her to be a grown woman, married, looking like she's in her early 20's.
6 years ago#4
Howe may have been a total and complete **** but he was still a father. Regardless of her actual age it's perfectly normal for him to talk about her like she was a little girl. She could have been a few years older than the Warden for all we know.
6 years ago#5
Since she called the warden the "stuck-up Cousland Boy" I would assume she's older.

Also odd that he would mention this at all, just before he sends his army into the castle to kill you and your whole family. He obviously wanted no survivors since they even killed little Oren.
6 years ago#6
he only brought it up as small talk its what you do when your visiting someones house and they call they're kid over
6 years ago#7
Delilah: He's so much better than that stuck-up Cousland boy that father kept trying to set me up with...
Warden: Well, I didn't want to marry you either! / I'm right here.
Delilah: Oh. Er. That was you, wasn't it? Awkward!
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  3. Arl Rendon Howe's Daughter? (-Spoilers I guess -)

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