Playing order for DAO and DLC's?

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6 years ago#1
With all the new DLC's I'm beginning to wonder that the true playing order is as I have read that some of the DLC's give you items in DAO, which would lead me to believe you need to play those DLC's first.

Now I assume the DLC's that just add an item to the game should be loaded up right from the start. But after that what would be the optimum playing order for everything plus the assumed playing order for the Witch Hunt DLC coming out.

6 years ago#2
Stone Prisoner, Wardens Keep and Return to Ostagar are played in the MC. Leliana's Song and Darkspawn Chronicles contain spoilers so should be played after you have finished the MC at least once. Awakening and Golems of Amgarrak are played after the MC is complete.
6 years ago#3
It's often a good idea to go straight to the Mage Tower to acquire Wynn as a healer, though that's not absolutely necessary. Morrigan can get the job done (or yourself as a mage) with some healing potions to help.

You should do Warden's Keep as soon as possible. Once complete, you will have access to personal storage, extra abilities, and the Warden Commander's Armour set along with various weapons for both melee and mages. The Warden Commander set (for warriors) is useful as it can scale with you level if you return it a Warden Keep NPC.
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6 years ago#4
Ok but letís assume I have played DAO and DAA. Then letís assume I get the DA Ultimate edition in October. Letís also assume that this is their final wrap it all up edition and that it contains all the DLCís and DAA.

So to get the new items out of a replay of DAO which DLCís would I play first? I assume all the add items DLCís will just be loaded from the start. DAA will obviously follow DAO, but what other DLCís should follow?

I can assume that the DLCís Witch Hunt would be played last.
6 years ago#5
Chronologically, it goes something like this...

Leliana's Song -> Origins w/ Stone Prisoner, Warden's Keep, and Return to Ostagar -> Darkspawn Chronicles (basically an alternate ending to Origins) -> Awakening -> Golems / Witch Hunt (they're both X amount of time after Origins, don't think it matters which comes first

However, if you want to get the most out of all the DLC, you'd want to beat all of the standalone campaigns first, because they all have items that transfer to Origins / Awakening once you've beaten them. Though from what I hear Golems is quite difficult without importing the Warden from a completed Awakening game.

Of course, once you beat the standalone campaigns one time, I'm pretty sure the items will trasnfer to every save for Origins and Awakening, so you could simply have them beaten in advance, then go in chronological order for the "ultimate DA experience".
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6 years ago#6
if youve already played both origins and awakening then it goes leliana/darkspawn chronicles/golums take your pick doesnt matter which order but has to be them 3 first, then as soon as you complete lothering its stone prisoner, return to ostagar, wardens keep. you do stone prisoner first as shale is pretty decent at the start of the game, rto has cailens armor which is basically the best in the game then wardens keep for the warden armor
6 years ago#7
I've completed DA:O twice when it was released, and now want to replay it and all the DLC + Awakening.
So I was wondering the same thing, what's the best order to play them in order to maximize the fun in what is probably my last playthrough of this game
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6 years ago#8
If you have already finished DA:O and Awakening and are doing a completely fresh start then Play Leliana's Song, Darkspawn Chronicles and Golems first for the bonus items. Then in the game after Lothering head to Sulcher's Pass for the Golem control rod then on to Honnleath for Shale. Finish the Circle Tower then take Wynne and Alistair to Return to Ostagar*. By this time the Starmetal Meteor random even should have happened so take the Starmetal and go do Soldier's Peak to get Starfang. Finally finish Origins then import to Awakening. Once finished you may want to take you Warden through Golems to fully get to Lv35 if you haven't got there yet then wait for Witch Hunt.

* = Note some people prefer to leave Return to Ostagar till after the Landsmeet as the Secret Character also has some dialogue there.
6 years ago#9
If you have already finished DA:O and Awakening and are doing a completely fresh start then Play Leliana's Song, Darkspawn Chronicles and Golems first for the bonus items

Will I be able to beat Golems with a new character?
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6 years ago#10
I lost my saves so I'm redoing Origins+Awakenings+DLC as well, you should go:

Leliana's Song -> Origins -> Awakening -> Golems of Amgarrak -> Witch Hunt

That way you do the whole thing in chronological order, play Darkspawn Chronicles whenever you want since it's just a "what if" side story, might as well do it first to get the items.
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