Must have replayed the Landsmeet in DA:O half a dozen times *SPOILERS*

#1BlochWaverPosted 4/22/2012 5:49:13 PM
I got this game back when it first came out, and had many false starts (played through every Origin story, plus some) and eventually got distracted by other things. Finally am getting around to finishing it with a character! Just kinda thinking out loud.

My human noble is a pretty nice guy, though my hatred for Howe extends to Loghain for partnering with him, and I'm a little peeved at Anora for bailing on me when I tried to reason with Cauthrien (but really only a little) so I don't mind bathing her in her father's blood after my epic duel. I left Alistair unhardened (from a roleplaying perspective, the necessary lines were way out of place with my guy)

But beyond that, I don't mind her being queen. I had set her up with Alistair, but he doesn't want to be king and the whole point of that exercise was to end the civil war and get Loghain out of the way. Mission accomplished. The only other motivation to putting Alistair on the throne is to please Eamon who is all about bloodlines, but screw that.

So I think I'm going to go with dueling and killing Loghain myself, letting Anora rule alone, and NOW my next decision is whether or not to do Morrigan's ritual.

I'm totally with Leliana, but Morrigan makes a good point. I could talk Alistair into it easily enough (and hey, he won't even be engaged to Anora now so no harm done!) I don't necessarily distrust Morrigan either (in fact I got the "you're my bestest friend!" talk from her). However, the other consideration is that your Warden only has a couple more decades before he succumbs to the taint (maybe less, I think Alistair says 30 years max, less if there's a Blight, depending on your interaction with the darkspawn. Given that I will be fighting the archdemon myself, I'd say far less than 30 years). a little longer and eventually die a kinda horrible death to avoid dieing an even more horrible death, or go down slaying the archdemon and get yourself a nice hero's tomb and eulogy?

These ending scenarios are too hard. I should just play ME3 (uncalled for, sorry! :) )
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First off, great post. It's nice to have such decisions to make isn't it? The ME3 comment wasn't exactly unjustified.

I remember thinking something similar in my first playthrough, though my warden was a male human noble.

I went through with the ritual. I figured my warden would better serve Fereldan alive than dead, and I wanted to import him into Awakening anyway.

I was willing to sacrifice my second warden, a female human noble, but never got the chance. She got the killing blow but still survived, though she apparently died and got resurected 4 or 5 years later, according to the people of Kirkwall. o.O

Silly import bugs I presume.
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I'm just copying this from another topic so it might be a little redundant. Finished!

I was a noble human male with no aspirations for the throne after joining the Grey Wardens. I didn't harden Alistair and since he didn't want to be king, Anora wanted to be queen and seemed competent, and the only reason for bringing up Alistair as king in the first place was to get rid of Loghain (who's puddling lifeblood we were at that very moment having the conversation in), I just let her be queen. Eamon was like wahh bloodlines, and I was like mmhmm right.

I was all about boning Morrigan to save myself (oh I mean, I did it reluctantly. For Leliana's sake, yes of course) AND I managed to get the killing blow on the archdemon (as in, it's in my character log as most powerful vanquished).

After everything was done, I decided to go travel (I need and deserve a break!) with Leliana. The end. I might replay the archdemon fight and during the ceremony decide to stay instead, and see that dialog. I'm tempted to go back to a pre-boning Morrigan save and not do the ritual to see the sacrifice ending, but man I don't know, I'm pretty burned out on this game now.

I'm not particularly interested in playing Awakening, I am considering playing DA2 though. I know it's very different and has more...mixed reception, but I know people in real life who liked both games aplenty, and it sounds fine. But I'll take a break, like I said, kinda burned out. So much...Dragon Age....
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#4Metal Gear FredPosted 4/24/2012 3:15:00 AM
I finished Dragon Age 2 for the second time last night, and now I'm looking forwards to playing Origins again.

With some tweaks/mods, DA2 is a very good game. It's more focused on the action though. There is less, if any, team optimisation and battle placement. It's mostly about attacking waves of trash enemies. I didn't find the story particularly interesting either.

For me, Origins is by far the better of the two. The fact that you actually stopped to consider your options proves it. You don't really get anything like that in DA2.

I really enjoyed Awakening, though it was rather easy.
"You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can't make him think!"