Best mods for a fresh playthrough?

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3 years ago#1
So I've played this game when it first came and want to have another go at it again with all the DLC out and such (I have the Ultimate Edition now).

What are some good mods to use this time around? I don't want a massive list of mods, just a few good ones that change the game for the better (I've heard Dragon Age Redesigned is good?), or are just useful (like a respec mod). Any ideas?

Secondly, I want to make this playthrough fairly difficult, are there any mods out there that increase the challenge of the game or should I just stick with the harder difficulty setting?

Much appreciated, thank you.
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3 years ago#2
i know u said u didnt want a big list but...lolz

Better Sex Cutscenes
Dialogue Tweaks
More Hairstyles
Natural Bodies
Universal Dye Kit
JB3 Textures
Lock Bash
White Teeth
Advanced Tactics
Gift Guide
Morrigan Restoration Patch
Armor of the Sten
Personal Annoyance Remover
Two Spec Sten
Dragon Age Redesigned
Pinetrees Vibrant Colors
Cleaner Screenshots
Summoner's Portal
Rules Fixpack
Tactic Slots
i haven't needed the money since I took Archie's milk money in the third grade
3 years ago#3
the first mod there is a typo, not sure how it got into my list
i haven't needed the money since I took Archie's milk money in the third grade
3 years ago#4
LiquidFuze180 posted...
the first mod there is a typo, not sure how it got into my list

ROFL. Yeah, right!
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3 years ago#5
I was going to add to that list, but then I thought it pretty much covers everything.

if you want cosmetic mods and head morphs, there are some good ones on nexus, but it would depend on personal taste and you probably will just have to look through them yourself.

I like the Qunari mod that makes them look like they do in DA2, forgot what it was called though
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3 years ago#6
Advanced Tactics
Advanced Tactics Clustered Tactic Condition Fix
Armor of the Sten
Armored Ogres of Ferelden
Auto Loot
Awakening in the OC
Awakening Rune Fixes
Combat Delay Reduction DAO and DAA
Combat Tweaks
Custom Number of Tactics Slots
DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO
DLC in Awakening and Awakening Fixes
Dragon Age Redesigned
Dwarf Female Proportions Fix
Elf Update
Extra Dog Slot
Eyebrow Presets
Faster Weapons
Find Vitals Fix
FtG Codex ToC - Better Codex List
Human Female Proportions Fix
Improved Atmosphere
IRS Alistair
JB3 Textures
Lord Spartan Full Stubble
Mabari Update
Morrigan Restoration Patch
Neutral Teeth
No Starting Abilities
Personal Annoyance Remover
Qunari Update
Shapeshifter Plus
Silverite Mines Bugfix
Two Spec Sten
Zevran Dialogue Fixpack

Most of these you can find on the nexus. The few you can't you can find on the Bioware Social Site. Look up one and the rest of those you can't find in the nexus should be under the same author. Many are simple bug fixes (especially for Awakening). Others are model and graphical tweaks that make the game look a lot better. A few restore and fix up some content, especially dialogue between characters. Faster Weapons will improve gameplay directly and Advanced Tactics (and sister mods) is highly recommended if you play around with tactics at all. Overall, this is my list which will get the game running the smoothest. I have quite a few others, but those are mostly spice to this core group.

As for difficulty, there's a number available. You'll pretty much skip the Combat Tweaks mod listed above and then there the Dragon Age Overhaul mod and Nightmare Plus. The former is, as listed, an overhaul of the game which completely tweaks the gameplay, items, challenge, etc. It might also conflict with portions of Improved Atmosphere. Nightmare Plus is a pure difficulty mod that's been around quite awhile and is adequately described.
3 years ago#7
I actually installed about 80% of the mods listed here and the game looks/ plays awesome so far 2 hours into it!

I love you guys.
Listen carefully.
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