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Anybody been able to re-create Shepard from ME? (Archived)
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Has anyone noticed that system req. are not as bad as they used to be? (Archived)daddydivine810/23/2009
Anyone else hoping the PC version won't have spells working through cutscene (Archived)Garudin910/23/2009
Question about Dragon Age:Journeys (Archived)DestroyedEden510/23/2009
Where to order Dragon Age: Origins physical copy from overseas? (Archived)dual_barrel410/23/2009
New video (Archived)
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dragon fail (Archived)Kolgeroth1010/23/2009
Need an RPG to hold me over til this comes out. (Archived)
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BG 2 till DA:O (Archived)reaver894910/23/2009
identify scrolls, spells, skill? (Archived)BadHabit21410/23/2009
"Action style" gameplay option? (Archived)Floymin410/23/2009
Stardock Presale Codes (Archived)G4me4ddict310/23/2009
Gone gold (Archived)giocare210/23/2009
Question about the character creator (Archived)roeibar310/23/2009
Open word? (Archived)ohmybob710/23/2009
I still don't understand the combat system (Archived)exogenesis1203910/23/2009
AIM chat? (Archived)SPK8000LG410/23/2009
I'm torn here...would love any thoughts (if they're constructive or productive) (Archived)
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in the flash game (Archived)kljsdfgjos210/23/2009
Those of you with Character Creation, what kind of char you playing as? (Archived)
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