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I'm kind of confused about the pre-order bonuses. (Archived)
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The Fir Coat1210/19/2009
Is this an Open World? (Archived)apg229210/19/2009
Any news on DRM for DD copies? (Archived)nahiko410/19/2009
Is there an "aggro" sytem? (Archived)
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The dog is a romance option?! (Archived)
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Hey is this anything like Super Mario RPG? (Archived)
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will this game have a point of no return? (spoilers........... sorta) (Archived)hobomonkey810/19/2009
Am I the only person interested in this that doesn't like other Bioware games? (Archived)
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Do you actually make a character or pick a character? (Archived)
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finally pre-ordered through steam. (Archived)MisterIvey310/19/2009
so why are all males melee and females casters? (Archived)
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If you could have one more option for an Origin story what would it be? (Archived)
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some09guy II2510/19/2009
similar to diablo?the witcher?fallout 3?mass effect? (Archived)
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Where to pre-order from? (Archived)exogenesis1203410/19/2009
How will my "rig" fare? (Archived)Detha710/19/2009
Will this have Bioware's traditional crappy character animations? (Archived)Xenoslayer33610/19/2009
So how is this different from Drakensang? (Archived)
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Toolset and Special Items (Archived)AragFore03510/19/2009
Just Pre-Ordered (Archived)Chris_Gawley310/19/2009
Can my laptop run this? (Archived)
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