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Which origin/class fits a homosexual character the best? (Archived)GreenBayCeltics412/11 8:32AM
Still the best. (Archived)Tbon110412/9 8:02PM
grey warden mods (Archived)error718112/8 1:37PM
Can companions die in the final battle? (Archived)Liutena412/7 4:17AM
Trying to speedrun. How many party members do I need to beat the game? (Archived)seltraeh22712/4 11:13PM
Please Be More Diligent, Alistair (Archived)MrBucket712/4 4:33PM
Who should be the third member of my party? (Archived)Gallusz412/3 8:58PM
I cannot get console codes to work*Steam Ultimate Edition* (Archived)jenrais212/3 7:29PM
So I just installed the Ravage mod... (Archived)ArmoredRevenger412/3 3:12PM
Is there a mod to make the storage chest work the way it does on consoles? (Archived)Dragon Nexus312/1 1:01PM
Party members duel response (spoilers) (Archived)joakimlinde311/28 9:43PM
metagame items is the best damn thing ever (Archived)GrayMuse1011/27 3:08PM
Save import to DA 2 question (Archived)APic311/27 8:10AM
All origins? (Archived)LunasMeow611/27 2:08AM
High Dragon question (spoilers) (Archived)shanghaihepcat211/26 11:59PM
Can't get Override mods to work (the ones you simply unzip in override) (Archived)CortesGuilherme211/26 8:51PM
some advice for a returning player (Archived)lunajenny311/26 8:48PM
Black Friday Sale on Origin (Archived)Alessar311/26 4:50PM
Morrigan, no. (Archived)
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Alessar1611/26 12:14PM
Remade as 2H Warrior -- Nightmare (Archived)Blaeu411/26 4:00AM
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