Any missable fusions?

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9 years ago#1
I'm starting a new game and I want to make sure I get everything this time. Are there any fusions that I won't be able to get anymore once I pass a certain point?
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9 years ago#2
It's been said that in the European version of MC, if you go to fuse with Eenie the Farmer and you don't have the piece required he won't fuse with you ever again. Meaning you will lose access to the 4th Bottle and Biggoron, therefore, the Mirror Shield.

So, unless you find out which Kinstone he requires, you might want to save Eenie until 5th or 6th Goron.
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9 years ago#3
Is that the only one? Because I've noticed that some of the NPCs that I couldn't fuse with earlier aren't around anymore.
It's not whether you die that matters, it's how you die.
9 years ago#4
The game has lots of "Shared" Fusions. I once fused five times with the Mt. Crenel Hermit. Meaning, even if characters disappear, the fusions will be with someone or thing else. Zill will give you all three fusions to place the lily pads in Castor Wilds, but he isn't the only one who will place them. Here's what you do...If you fuse with someone or thing, go back for a second fusion. or even third. Some fusers have two fusions. and in order to not have to search for them after you defeat Vaati, make sure before then.Also,Some fusers have fusions but won't fuse with you until after you have done certain things. ie, the 6th Goron won't fuse until you have the 4th sword infusion, and he isn't the only one to behave this way. A couple of Minish won't fuse until you have all four blades or elements. This is a great game. It keeps you going back and forth but it's a great game. Always check back with the people you meet. And try all animals. :)
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9 years ago#5
Okay, thanks.

I'm not really sure if I'm playing the European version or American version because I bought a used copy from Does the American version have the option that lets you change the language?
It's not whether you die that matters, it's how you die.
9 years ago#6
On my original file, I have 2 kinstone fusins left. I've completed everything else, and I can't seem to find them. I've spent hours looking, and re-walking through the game. Oh, and I have the American version.
9 years ago#7
Possible spoilers to follow.

According to the Nintendo Power guide:

"Green Kinstones are a little different from their red and blue counterparts. With few exceptions, green Kinstones are random -- anyone in Hyrule, including pets and livestock, may want to fuse Kinstones at any point, and the treasure you receive could be anything. Listed are all the people and creatures you have the potential to fuse with; seek each of them all out at their locations to find every fusion."

It goes on to list 3 and a half pages of possible people to fuse with. The ones that don't appear to be random are Tingle, David Jr. Ankle, Knuckle, and and the Zill/Forest Minish fustions for the lily pads in Castor Wilds.
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9 years ago#8
If you're trying to find two fusions at the end of the game they are both more than likely either Minish or Scrubs. I would suggest you always try fusing with each person o thing more than once to make sure you don't miss one that has more than one fusion, like Gina the pink ghost or Dampe, or...

There are a couple of fusions that are easily missed because when you first meet them they will not fuse. They will fuse only after the third or fourth element has been fused with the sword.

a. On Mt. Crenel Base where you plant thay big green seed you must use the Gust Jar to remove a lot of debris,in doing so you will uncover a Minish Hole. That Minish fuses late in the game.

b. In Hyrule Castle Garden there is a Minish Hole in the upper right through a hedge. That minish fuses late in the game.

c. The Minish In Wind Ruins living in the Minish Hole very near the beginning fuses after you complete the Fortress.

d. There is a Scrub in Castor Wilds that you fuse with to open a tree in Minish Woods.

e. The tree that opens in Minish Woods has a Scrub that has more than one fusion.

f. There is a Minish living a top a barrel in the far right of Minish Woods. He has 2 fusions.

g. Tina the school teacher has a fusion. Fuse with her after you have been gotten the item from the Minish Zoomed in area of the play ground. If Tina doesn't immediately fuse with you leave the room an reenter. This time she will.

h. There is a Minish living atop a hill on the right edge of Lake Hylia. Fuse with him after you have the Flippers.

i. Then of course there are two Tingles that have two fusions.

j. Also, three of the Blade Brothers have fusions.

BTW, Digging with the Mole Mitts will get you tons of Kinstones in all colors except Gold. You will get the least from Mt. Crenel and the most from Hyrule Town and Minish Woods.
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