white label, red label and yellow label cartridges...what is the difference?

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7 years ago#1
i bought a copy of the game, it was yellow labeled and it had a picture of Link with his sword, then when i was trying to play it after some months without playing it and all the data was erased.
i created a new file again and i turned the gba off, turn it on again and the data was erased again..
i open the cart with a screwdriver and it had a battery so i assumed the battery died.

i bought another one but this time it was white labeled and had a picture of the sword only...havent opened it yet...what can i expect from this cart? and what is the difference with each cart?

thanks in advance
7 years ago#2
Not too sure about any of that, but it sounds like a scam copy. My cartridge has the sword on it, and it works flawlessly.
Always check for the Nintendo quality seal.
7 years ago#3
it has the Nintendo quality seal

7 years ago#4
white label is a ripoff i droped it once and it doesent work anymore
7 years ago#5

Mine is red. Works perfect. Haven't checked for the seal.

7 years ago#6
The Seal means nothing.
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7 years ago#7
I have the white label one because I bought it from ebay for a xmas gift in December 2004. The white label is the European version. My sister has the red label one which was the official US version but was not released until January 2005. As for the yellow label...<shrugs>
7 years ago#8
The Seal means nothing.

Of course not. Silly us.

The white label is the European version.

erm... I have the Eu version and it's not white.
It's the sword with the Zelda logo on it and a scenery seen from a minish view in the background.
7 years ago#9
Both the yellow and white labels are cheap Chinese bootlegs. Bootlegs almost never hold your saved game. You should return each cartridge back to where you got it. You deserve a full refund!

And yes, the seal *MEANS NOTHING.* Anyone can copy an image of the seal and reprint it on their labels. I've seen some Chinese bootleggers go as far as to copy boxes and rescan the original manual to make their game seem legit.

Here's THE SUREFIRE WAY you can tell if you have a bootleg cart or not. Look inside your cartridge on the above the chip connectors. You should be able to see "Nintendo" printed on it. The item code printed on there should start with AGB and end with some numbers. More often than not, if your game has both of those you have a legit copy. I always double check my carts and play them as soon as I get them and make a save game. If you power your gameboy off and turn it back on, if your save(s) is still there, you probably don't have a bootleg. Most bootlegs never save and some carry bad or fake batteries.

Of course, this sucks because you need to actually have the cartridge in your hand to make sure. I've been burned a few times on Ebay with bootlegs, but all you have to do is tell Ebay and file a claim, and you can get a full refund, without having to send the item back. They don't like bootleg sellers.

Really the only way to not get bootleg cartridges is to beware of buying from Asia. Sometimes you get pretty good deals, but more often than not, a REALLY good deal is a bad deal.
7 years ago#10
Actually to add to it, here's the best guide I have ever seen to checking for bootleg GBA cartridges:

Of course, again, you have to physically have the cartridge in your hand to tell.
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