Action Replay codes?

#1GooberOTPosted 9/29/2009 12:44:38 AM
Hello. Im looking for a Action Replay code that will give you all Kinstone pieces.
#2barboidPosted 10/1/2009 8:47:05 PM
You don't need it. There are several in-game ways to obtain the stones you need. Not to mention that it would be impossible since there are at least 6 - 8 different gold kinstones and there's no room to store them all. I've 50 + of all the green ones and between 10 an 20 + of the rest. You get all the ones you need by fusing, digging, and buying. There are also plenty of chests in the dungeons that contain them. There is also a picolyte flavor that will net more kinstones while mowing the grass or digging.
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