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7 years ago#1
So, I've been trying to do the Cucco game's final part for a while now. It's the one where you need to collect 3 of them within 55 seconds.

I'm using the Pegasus Boots and lining myself up just right so I can make a straight shot to each cucco's location. I'm using all the tricks for the golden cuccos, picking them up and letting them run, catch up to them, then pick them up and rinse/repeat. The white cucco seems to be giving me the most trouble simply because it's such a trek to get to it.

I can either retrieve the two golden cuccos and run over to the white cucco and pick it up, then run out of time. Or, I can retrieve the one white cucco and pick up a golden cucco and run out of time. I don't seem to see any way to get all 3 cuccos. It's rather annoying, since this is the last retrieval I have to do to get my piece of heart.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Some method I don't know about? Some item I don't have yet?
This is my first time playing through this game, so I wouldn't know. I would think the Pegasus Boots would be the only thing I would need...

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
7 years ago#2
Well, I was looking around the town, and I think the answer is pretty obvious. I kinda answered my own question with that last paragraph...

I think I'm missing the item that allows you to swim. Guess I can't quite get this piece of heart yet.

Thanks anyways to those willing to help. :x <3
7 years ago#3
Why would you play this game when there are so many people on the grounds. At some point the ojority of people will be in their homes and pets.
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7 years ago#4

I have no idea what you're trying to say.
7 years ago#5
My friend must've posted on the wrong topic. She usually makes perfect sense! And you're right about the cuccoos. You need the zora flippers to cross that stream, throw the white chicken across it, follow it pick it up and run for the fence. Can't tell you how long I tried to do it w/o that critical item. ^_^
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7 years ago#6
Thanks. :]
Yeah, I figured I had to be able to swim across that river instead of running all the way around... makes perfect sense!
7 years ago#7
Thanks barboid, but yeah, I meant what I said. The Cucco Game can be a horror when you try playing it while there are townsfolk still outside. I play this game after the Palace of Winds. The only person that is bothersome then is that mailman, oh and two guards. but before then all the animals and ppl are there to get in your way. It's only a heart piece not a whole heart, why waste time trying to work around ppl on the street.

And yes you need to complete the Fortress of Wond and do the Library Quest to complete this game.
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