Hai Battalion Wars fans (If any still remain)

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7 years ago#1

Hmm, I'm trying to put this in the least advertisement-like way I can (which is prolly impossible, but w/e)

Anyways, howdy Battalion Wars fans!

Me and a couple like minded people made a forum game based roughly on the principals of Battalion Wars and Advance Wars, all in one. Make your own armies, uh, have diplomacy, invade other people and obliterate armies, the possibilities are endless! All you need is patience and an imagination. Oh, and since it's a rather small, close knit community at this time, those who have the ambition to revolutionize things have a very easy path to doing so.

But, in a condensed form basically I'm saying if you like Advance Wars or Battalion wars, go take a look at WWX and join if you're bored. Oh, and if you join, have fun.

Link: http://z4.invisionfree.com/World_War_X/index.php?

And now I'd better run.

7 years ago#2
this board is dead, try bwii boards
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7 years ago#3
That's what cheese said.
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7 years ago#4
How DARE you compare this to Advance Wars!?!?
Gah! kids today!
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7 years ago#5
OCTO! It's me ZERO! I was in Battalion Wars HQ!
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