Manual unit power boosts discovered

#1MasterKnight75Posted 2/21/2012 11:40:25 PM
I was doing a little something with Battalion Wars and I found "DamageArmourBonus" in the preload files of each level. There are 4 factions under that category: Player, PlayerRace (must be referring to units under your command but under AI behavior), Allied, and Enemy.

On every mission in this game except Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Player deals 50% extra damage and takes only 60% damage (CAULDER!!!), while PlayerRace deals 20% extra and takes only 70%. Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers completely nulls these bonuses. The Xylvanians actually deal "extra" damage to you too, despite what the game may imply, but you likely won't notice because you have Heavy Tanks and Flame Vets when all they have is Grunts. Again, TotUS is the only mission that nulls bonuses, so you don't have to worry about losing bonuses in Siege of the Vladstag.

Details here:

Personally, I feel ill about this. All this time, it turns out I have been making use of a ridiculous defense boost with a unit that gets better evasion than the AI due to making use of human intelligence for that. A big defense boost is unnecessary. Especially when it does things like make the manual Assault Vet on Aces High too powerful.

What do you think?
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