Beginner's advice?

#1GilgameshSwordsPosted 4/29/2010 1:06:16 PM
Just got the game today,. I have finished the First (or second, the season finale was the Dungeon Dice Monsters series) anime series. So far, I have managed to beat Bakura, and Mokuba, but that's about it. Can I have some general advice? Read the Deck Building guide and ****z. My personal favourite is (can't remember name, oh dear) the turtle like thingy that gets +300ATK/DEF per card in my hand, coupled with the Baron of the Fiend Sword, with a Stim Pack on him, that tore through Mokuba. I would then buy two dark decks from Solomon, and then I went to Deck Building, and I just could not exit the screen, and there was no prompt suggesting whynot.
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#2AresWarriorPosted 4/29/2010 1:30:00 PM
Hey have you been watching the anime on 4kids on saturdays? I have and it's awesome.

Anyways, the reason why you can't exit the screen is because your deck must have at least 40 cards in it. Fusions don't count. Don't bother with the Side Deck.

For beginners, I suggest stick in your strongest monsters preferrably with 1700 ATK or more, and make sure they are 4 stars. you can stick in some 5 starred monsters like summoned skull or at least 2000 ATK. Here:

-4 star monsters with at least 1700 attack power
-a few 5/6 star monsters with at least 2000 attack power
-effect monsters such as magician of faith, muka muka, cyber jar, maha vailo, and some others

-cards that take control of your opponent's monsters such as Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, Brain Control, Mind Control
-Swords of Revealing Light
-Pot of Greed
-Graceful Charity
-Mystical Space Typhoon
-Heavy Storm and/or Giant Trunade
-Equip spell cards if you want such as Black Pendant or Axe of Despair or Mask of Brutallity
-Premature Burial

-Mirror Force
-Negate Attack
-Magic Cylinder
-Sakuretsu Armor
-Trap Hole or Bottomless Trap Hole
-Fairy Box

And once you get enough cards, you can start building a deck that revolves around a certain strategy, or revolves around a certain attribute such as a water deck.
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I see, thank you. And no, I live in Britain so we don't get i, and even if we did, I am at UNiversity, so away from TVs.
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