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11 years ago#1
This topic is the topic where we all join together to discuss the secrets of this game, Super Mario 64 DS. These "secrets" can be glitches, tips, tricks, or easter eggs, but we will try to focus on glitches and tricks. So, why don't we start out with a trick and then get to the glitches?

Special Move: Slide Kick Jump
On almost any slope, jump into it and slide kick. If you quickly press B to get out of it, you can slide kick again. Keep repeating this pattern to climb up a hill. This is used by any character to get up on the castle roof on the right side of the castle, discovered by Sephiroth_2004 (or at least exploited by him >_>)

This just in: OMG Version detector!!1!
Yes, that's right. We have found a way that you can find out what version of the game you have before you play it. If you turn your SM64DS cartridge over and look below the Nintendo symbol and whatever it says on the next line, you will see black letters and numbers. If they say "ASMEN0Jxx", then you have version 1. If they say "ASMEN1Jxx", then you have version 2. If they say "ASMPN" instead of "ASMEN", you have the European version. Credit for this goes to me (for thinking of this, too), sleepmode, Goombomb, Sephiroth_2004, Mike OShay, and Swordless Link for providing the codes on the back of their cartridges, and Super Slash for trying. >_>


Before we get to doing glitches, here are a few links that you can use to enhance your SM64DS playing experience.
www.mariods.tk - Site full of SM64DS glitches, but is currently down until further notice
http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/super_mario_64_ds_castle_top.txt - This FAQ covers most of the known ways to get to the roof of the castle, without using the cannon
http://www.geocities.com/sm64home/sm64ds/secrets1.html - This is the original ==Secrets of SM64DS== topic, made over a year ago
http://artpad.art.com/?iuyyoymt3ho - This artpad describes all known ways to get Waluigi
11 years ago#2

This section will give you an in-depth description of many glitches in SM64DS. This is by no means complete, as many minor glitches have been left out to save space.

Castle Grounds
Glitch: Mini Heaven's Portal
Discovered by: peteyboo (me)
Character needed: Any
Description: This is a smaller version of the famous Heaven's Portal Shot Glitch in BoB (described later). Get up to the square of land you can stand on near the waterfall. Now, go to a corner where you can get a good view of the slope you are about to slide down. Line up with the very left of that steep slope and slide kick down, making sure you don't bounce over the edge, but just slide. When you hit the wall, you should be sent up a little bit and fall back down on the roof.
Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3849902276814396114&q=mario+64 - One of the glitches on this video is the Mini Heaven's Portal, but this is done in VS. mode where it is much higher and is considered a true Heaven's Portal.

Glitch: Walk underwater Outside the Castle
Discoeverd by: peteyboo
Character needed: Mario
Description: Get to the top of the castle by any means (the cannon will not be open since the moat is not drained). Get the Wings and jump down to the ramp opposite the waterfall. Stand with your side touching one of the walls and your body halfway in the water. Triple jump and hold the D-Pad/stylus twoards the top of the ramp. You should slide down the ramp and start walking underwater. Make sure you let Mario get up on his own, because jumping will make you start swimming. You can now go in the door and be in the basement without unlocking the basement door.
Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y86/peteyboo/lockeddoor3.jpg - Notice the star count and the message on screen
Video: http://member.newsguy.com/~nascar/Underwater.wmv

Glitch: Überglitch
Discovered by: Ivan
Character needed: Any
Description: This is too hard to describe, so watch the movie. Here is gstlaivanrules (Ivan)'s description though.
You go to the top of the castle and over to the left where there is a darker patch of grass. Then you slide kick and slide off, and slide down the hill, eand you make sure to hit the castle exactly where the water hits it. You should go flying straight down and be walking underwater. This works better if you hold down while attempting this.

This allows the collection of 148/150 stars, because for some ****ing reason, they wasted memory by putting a grate beneath the block under the moat, leading to, well, Under the Moat.

Pictures: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y86/peteyboo/Uberquest1.jpg
Video: http://member.newsguy.com/~nascar/uberquest.wmv

Glitch: Swim under the Castle
Discovered by: I guess AnglcDmn...
Character needed: Mario or Luigi
Description (in his own words, though refined so it is easier to understand): First, be Luigi [or Mario]. Then, go to the cannon outside the castle. Go to the sign and face the tree on it's left while standing on the sand. Now this is the hard part. Your goal is to jump on the tree and slide underground. To do that, you have to go back a little bit, run, jump, and right before you land, press A [to dive]. If you jumped at the right time, you'll grab the tree at the bottom. Slide down and you'll be in water. If you didn't [lower] the water, swim to the cannon and shoot to the top.
Video: Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3849902276814396114&q=mario+64 - One of the glitches on this video is this glitch
11 years ago#3
Bob-omb Battlefield
Glitch: Heaven's Portal Shot Glitch
Discovered by: Look on mariods.tk when it comes back, I forget
Character needed: Any
Description: Go to the cannon neat the big gate at the base of the mountain. It is near the patch of flowers where you can get a 1-up by collecting 8 coins around it. Get in and face the cannon as far right as possible and down so only the tip of the tree is visible. Shoot and hold up. You will fly high above the level and start falling a few seconds before you can see yourself again. Try to land on some things like the Chain Chomp or even in another cannon. You can also go out of bounds, but you will die.
Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3849902276814396114&q=mario+64 - One of the glitches on this video is the Heaven's Portal Shot Glitch

Glitch: More Heaven's Portals
Discovered by: A couple people
Character needed: Any
Description: Number 1: Go to the cannon below the floating island and line up the top arrow with the bottom of the floating island. Shoot and hold up. You will go up very high. You can go out of bounds and die and... whatever.
Number 2: Get in the cannon near the Goomba and red brick about halfway up the mountain. Aim all the way left and down as you can. Shoot and hold up.
Number 3: There is a slope on the other side of the cannon in number 2. Go to the bottom of it and stand by the wall. Triple Jump up and slide kick jump to the top. When you're near the top, turn left and slide kick into the fence. If you're lucky, you'll fly up and be stuck in a Hell's Portal, which just means you'll keep sliding until you press A or B, which is when you die.

Whomp's Fortress

Glitch: 100 Lives glitch
Discovered by: aznbob
Character needed: Mario or Luigi
Description: This is one of the most famous glitches in SM64DS and is used to determine what version of the game you have. Get the Super Mushroom near the Thwomps and take the teleport in the nearby corner. When you reappear, jump over the fence and then up to the higher area nearby. Run over to the wooden plank and touch the side, not the front or back. If it falls towards you and you get many many livbes form just touching it, you have version 1, and can do all but 1 of the glitches in this guide. If it doesn't you have version 2 or the European version and are limited. Swordless Link will fill you in on what glitches you can and cannot do, as he has all three versions of the game.

Glitch: Swim in the Fortress
Discovered by: Icecube and nintendofan100
Character needed: Any
Description: Battle King Whomp, and as he falls, try to position your self where you think the middle of the very top of his face will land. When he is about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way down, jump, and you should fall through the level and into the water below. If you miss the water and die, try again and get over where the water is. You can use this to get into the cannon before it's activated and even get the Break away the Wall star.

Jolly Roger Bay

Glitch: Walk Underwater
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Wario
Description: Choose star 1. Get the Power Flower inside the underwater cavern to become metal Wario. Now, quickly get to the bow of the ship (that's the front, for all you non-nautical peoples >_>) When you get there, just stand still and Wario will start sliding backwards on his belly. If the Power Flower runs out while this is happening, he will get up and walk underwater.
Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3849902276814396114&q=mario+64 - One of the glitches in this video is the Walk Underwater in JRB glitch
11 years ago#4
Cool Cool Mountain

Glitch: Black Room of Death
Discovered by: Many people
Character needed: Luigi
Description: Go into the slide, preferably without the big penguin there. Stand somewhere near the edge of the slide and turn the camera so you can see the wall behind the start. Backflip so you miss the ceiling and float over the wall behind the cabin area. Float all the way down, and you will soon see the end of the slide. On the other side of the door is a weird room that you go through when you open the door. The floor is not solid, so you will die if you go through. If you go through the door from the wrong side, you will hear a sound like when you go through a painting and you will appear outside the slide at the bottom.

Big Boo's Haunt
Heh... Boo's... >_>

There are no real significant glitches for this course.

Hazy Maze Cave

Glitch: Get Metal Head Wario can Move without Wario
Discovered by: Discovered in SM64, not proven to work in SM64DS, but there has been a report of it working
Character needed: Mario
Description: Triple jump and wall kick off the grate in front of the door to this star and ground pound at the highest point or right before you start swimming. If you do it over the switch, you may activate it.

Lethal Lava Land

Glitch: Die upon Entering LLL
Discovered by: First discovered in SM64, I do not know who did it first in SM64DS, but I'm the first I know to do it >_>
Character needed: Any
Get down to three units of health (no more, no less) and go to the LLL painting. Jump into one of the flames and run towards the portal. When you are about to die, jump into the painting. After you enter the level, you will die as soon as you land. If you chose a cap as Yoshi, you won't get the chance to put it on.
11 years ago#5
Shifting Sand Land

Glitch: Klepto Freeze Glitch
Discovered by: Who the hell knows? >_>
Character needed: Any
Description: This is another famous SM64DS glitch. Choose a star that isn't 1. Get a cap that isn't your own (like Mario with Wario's cap) and get the small box in the pavilion near the two Goombas (you can also use the one near the two pillars where the first star appears). Anyway, take whatever box (or if you are someone with Wario's cap, you can also take a sign) to Klepto, the flying condor. Stand still and let him steal your cap. If your game freezes (and you WILL know when it does... hehehe... >_>), you have version 1 and can do all but one glitch in this guide. If it does not freeze, you have version 2 or the European version and are limited to what glitches you can do. Ask Swordless Link to tell you what glitches you can and cannot do because he all all three versions.

Glitch: Hat on Feet
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi
Go to the Wario cap Goomba near the ? Block on, but not in the pyramid. Kill it and make sure you can reach the cap with your tongue. Break the ? Block and just as the Power Flower touches you, lick the cap. If you did it right, you'll have a Wario cap on your feet.

Glitch: Hell's Portal
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Any?
Description: Run up a pillar and slide kick at the top. You should fall down and when you reach the bottom, be shot up and never fall back down. When you want to die, press A or B.

Glitch: Fly out of Bounds/Black Room of Death
Discovered by: I forget/peteyboo
Character needed: Mario
Get the Wings and get in the cannon. Aim all the way up and left and fire. Fly into the corner at a 45° angle. Go as far down as you think you can, then hold down to fly up. You should shake a little and then be outside the level. You can now do whatever you want, but you'll still die if you fly up through the quicksand. But, if you want to have a little fun, limit your upward flying and get under the pyramid. Try to go up so you go into the path leading to the front entrance of the pyramid and ground pound as soon as you get in. If you don't, you will pass the entrance point and will be stuck inside the pyramid.

Glitch: Fall through the ground
Discovered by: I don't know
Character needed: Luigi (maybe any)
Description: I forget what to do, but the end result is you falling through the ground near the fence in front of the pyramid. If anyone has any information about this glitch, it would be appreciated.

Dire Dire Docks

Glitch: Walk Underwater
Discovered by: Icecube? I don't know...
Character needed: Yoshi, Mario, or Luigi
Description: Before you beat Bowser in the Fire Sea, go to the room with the submarine. Get under on of the fins in back and jump out of the water. Immediately ground pound and you will fall all he way to the ground. You can get the star in the current only as Yoshi by using his tongue after going through five rings. This is good for a BCLess quest. This method does not seem to work in Version 2, but I think Swordless Link knows a way to get it to work. The reason this doesn't work as Wario is because, under non-Überquest conditions, you can't even get Wario in DDD when the sub is there. If someone wants to try it as Wario in their Überquest, please tell me if it works (and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't).

Glitch: Run on water forever
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Mario with Luigi cap
Description: Get the Luigi cap and go to the submarine room. Get hit by a Bullet Bill and quickly start running on water. If you get there fast enough, you'll be running on water as Mario and you won't fall until you do something that would normally stop it. I think the Bullet Bill blasters disappear after you beat Bowser in the Fire Sea, so don't risk it.
11 years ago#6
Snowman's Land

Glitch: Hat Factory
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Mario, Luigi, or Wario
Description: Get your own cap blown off by the giant snowman. After you fall, grab the small box by the ice house and throw it at the snowman that has your cap. Repeat this procedure and you will see that the number of caps multiply by 2 each time. After a few times, the graphics will start to deteriorate and parts of the level will randomly disappear and reappear. One more time and the game will freeze upon killing the snowman with the box.

Glitch: Freeze the Level
Discovered by: I forget
Character Needed: Any, but Luigi recommended
Description: Get the five Silver Stars and go in the igloo. Go back out and the stars should be back. Get a sixth one and the level should freeze, apparently with some things disappearing and some you can just walk through. You will also have a Silver Star floating above your head. This is the only glitch discovered so far that can not be done in version 1. It can only be done in the PAL (European) version.

Wet Dry World

Glitch: Walk Underwater
Discovered by: Many people
Character needed: Any
Description: Another famous glitch. Put the water at a level so that the big curved ramp is partly submerged in it. Get under the ramp and go as far towards the low end as you can. Now jump. You will hit the ramp and be sent down under water and will be walking there. This can be used to get some of the number secrets without the wind-up things (I forget their names) annoying you. If you don't fall, just try again.

Glitch: Dry Pipe Glitch
Discovered by: Mebi, and mike OShay found that the load point was still there
Character needed: Any, but Mario cap is needed to do it
Description: (in Mike OShay's words) Enter WDW in the lowest level as Mario. Get to the "?" Block, float up, over, and into the tunnel. Swim into the town and lower the water level. Then, get to the town's "?" Block and float back up into the "pipe", which should now be empty of water, AKA "dry". Walk through the dry pipe to the end, and if you look up you can see water. Run and triple-jump at just under a 45-degree angle and wall-jump off the wall you'll land on. It'll be kinda tricky, but you should be able to get it. Once you touch the surface of the water, you should be swimming. Swim down into the pipe, and about halfway down, you should fall out of water into regular ground.

Glitch: Fall Through the Block
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Any?
Description: Push the metal block on the area under Chuckya all the way into the corner under the ! Block. Now, stand in the corner and face out of the corner at approximately 45° angle and go into first person view. When you get out of first person view, you may notice one of two things:
1. You will hop up a bit, then fall back down. Reposition yourself and try again.
2. You will fall through the block into the water below. You are lucky to get this on your first try. Now to have fun!
When you do it, get outside the level and go to where the entrance to the town is (the tall cage thing), but make sure you are still outside the level (as in, you are not inside the walls). Now, swim down, following the tunnel. When you get to the horizontal part, get as close as you can to the tunnel without getting stuck inside so you activate the loading point and the town appears. Swim around the outside until you get to inside the cage that you'd normally need Luigi's Power Flower for. Swim inside the cage from behind and you can get this star without activating the ? Blocks. ^_^
11 years ago#7
Wet Dry World (cont.)

Glitch: Hat on Feet
Discovered by: I don't know
Character needed: Yoshi, Mario, or Luigi
Description: Enter the course with the water at the highest water level and go to the Wario Goomba. Chase him to the edge over water and jump on him to get the cap right there. Jump into the water and swim right under the cap. Jump up and you should get the cap, fall into the water, and have the cap on your feet. I'm pretty sure the only things that will make you lose the cap on your feet without exiting the level is to get another cap. Go into the cannon and try to shoot into the tube with the 1-up when the cap is on your feet.

Tall Tall Mountain
Ahh.. Glitch Heaven... >_>

In this section, Ukiki will refer to the monkey who takes your cap about halfway up the mountain. The post will refer to the post across the log that has a Super Mushroom. The block will refer to the black brick where Wario can get a Super Mushroom. The only ? Block is on top of the mountain.

Glitch: Take Ukiki anywhere
Discovered by: I don't know
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Lure Ukiki as close to an edge as possible. Make sure that edge is next to water. Jump backwards and lick Ukiki so you fall into the water. Now, you can take him anywhere that isn't on land near where he originally was.

Glitch: Flood TTM
Discovered by: Icecube I think
Character needed: Any
Description: Walk around in the area shown in the picture. Now, jump down to the teleport Mushroom and teleport. When you get back up, you will be swimming. Swim up to the surface so you don't drown. Things that will make you not swim anymore include jumping out of the water, going above normal water, going in an updraft, and getting thrown by Chuck-ya.

Glitch: White Screen/Invisibility
Discovered by: Icecube?
Character needed: Any, but Wario is fastest O_o
Description: Get a Super Mushroom and go to the teleport. Teleport and when yo appear under the mountain, it should be all white. Move away from where the teleport is and press Start twice. You will be invisible without the white screen. You need to use an updraft to get to the main part of the mountain, because teleporting will remove the invisibility. You can do a lot of fun things like "controlling" the owl, and making an egg follow nothing.

Glitch: Freeze the game
Discovered by: I don't know
Character needed: Yoshi with a cap
Description: Go up to Ukiki and let him take your cap. Chase him to the edge and when he jumps to get away, try to lick him. If you get the cap and not Ukiki, the game will eventually freeze.
11 years ago#8
Tall Tall Mountain (cont.)

Glitch: Night of the Living Cap!
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi with a cap
Description: Lose your cap to Ukiki, and try to lick him just as if you were trying to freeze the game. If you get Ukiki and not the cap, you can go back up and see a cap floating around. It's really just an invisible Ukiki and you have his "skin" in your mouth. O_o
Glitch: Lose a Cap
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Do the above glitch and then spit Ukiki out. He will appear under the cap. Eat him again and he says he'll give you the cap, but will not get it. It disappears from the level until you exit somehow.

Glitch: Freaky Ukiki
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Do the above glitch and eat Ukiki again. He will not complain and when you spit him out, he will teleport to somewhere on his cliff.

Glitch: Strange Yoshi
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Do the above glitch and then get away from Ukiki. Lick and Yoshi's body will reduce to just his head, feet, and tail and he will lick the air.

Glitch: Lose more Caps
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Do the above glitch and get another cap. Catch Ukiki and he will say he'll take the cap, be he actually won't. Catch him again and the cap will disappear from the level.

Glitch: Take Chuck-ya to the Summit
Discovered by: I don't know
Character needed: Yoshi or Luigi
Description: Not really a glitch, more of a trick. Do the Flood TTM glitch and go up to Chuck-ya. Lure him to the edge nearest Ukiki and then press A underwater behind him to grab him. If you do it right at the edge, you will fall to the ground and be able to take him anywhere. Take him to the top of the mountain for no reason.
Picture: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y86/peteyboo/top_o_the_world.jpg

Glitch: Mini-Mega Yoshi
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Who the hell do you think?! >_> Yoshi
Description: Go to the post and ground pound it three times. When the Super Mushroom is about to touch you, eat a coin from the post. If you get both at the same time, you will stay small, but have all the properties of a giant. You can also do this in BoB, but it is a little harder. I'll leave you to figure out how.

Glitch: Fun with Ukiki
Discovered by: All by peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi with/without caps (depends)
Description: Instead of eating a coin, like in Mini-Mega Yoshi, try doing it with Ukiki. There are a few different scenarios in which you can freeze the game or not.
1. Catch Ukiki as Yoshi: If you do the Mini-Mega Yoshi glitch with Ukiki with nothing else affecting you (no caps), then Yoshi will freeze, but the rest of the level will work. Reset to get out of it.
2. If you get the Super Mushroom without spitting Ukiki out, you can run around with a mouth full of monkey.
3. If you are wearing a cap, get the Power Flower and bring Ukiki to the corner on the post platform that is farthest from the waterfall. When your power runs out, Ukiki will jump away, but stay on the platform. Ground pound the post and lick Ukiki. Usually, Yoshi will freeze, but the rest of the level will not. Reset.
4. If you do number 3 without waiting for Ukiki to steal your cap (as in, you drop him before the power runs out), put him very close to the post. Now, ground pound it and right before the Mushroom touches you, pick up Ukiki. You will grow, lose your cap, and shrink while turning into Yoshi and will be frozen in place. This is different form the other "Freeze Yoshi" glitches because the camera doesn't work. Reset.
11 years ago#9
Tall Tall Mountain (cont.)
Glitch: Freeze Yoshi Again
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Actually any, but Yoshi is easiest
Description: Make sure you get the Mario or Luigi cap and lose it so that it is in the pool near the start of the level. Get the Wario cap and get the Power Flower. Grab Ukiki and go get the cap in the pool. Your character will be frozen in place and you'll have to reset.

Glitch: Capless Power Flower Abilities
Discovered by: peteyboo
Character needed: Yoshi with cap
Description: Get the Power Flower and catch Ukiki. When your power is about to run out, jump, with Ukiki,into the water. You will be Yoshi as someone else without their cap. Now, take the owl to the top of the mountain and get the Power Flower. You will get different effects depending on who you are.
Mario: Wings will grow out of your head and you can fly around.
Luigi: Your head will not be pixelized and you can still go through things.
Wario: The game will freeze when you touch the Power Flower.

Tiny-Huge Island

There are no glitches of any real significance in this level

Tick Tock Clock

Glitch: Wall Kick to Death
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Mario
Description: This is actually done outside TTC, but whatever. Wall Kick with Mario on the walls/tree and you may go over the tree and land on the other side of the clock face. Most of the time, though, you'll die. You can also wall kick the opposite way and go over the entrance to RR/Over the Rainbows and die.

Rainbow Ride

Glitch: Die with a Star
Discovered by: Someone who played SM64 >_>
Character needed: Any, but Yoshi is easiest
Description: Get the 100-coin star over a pit or very close to the edge. Jump and get it while you are over the void, using Yoshi's tongue if necessary. You will die and the coin total will not be saved. You can have a score of less than 100, but still have the 100-coin star. ^_^ You can also do this with the star on the RR ship's bow and any level where you can get a star and fall off the level. You can even have a high score of less than 100 in any level by getting the 100-coin star, not saving, and dieing, THEN saving.
11 years ago#10
Inside the Castle and Secret Star Courses

Glitch: Skip DDD
Discovered by: I forget
Character needed: Yoshi
Description: Make sure you have activated the bunnies by talking to the Toad in the Rec Room. Now, go to the basement and chase the bunny towards SSL. Jump and catch him so that when you land, you are as close to the wall as possible. You can also do this without jumping, but whatever. Now, when you land, the bunny will talk to you, but he has to be spit behind you. When he is done talking, you will be pushed through the wall and into the water below. Swim through the darkness and past where you think the DDD portal is. Jump up onto the land and go into the (invisible) Bowser in the Fire Sea portal. If you are doing an Überquest, make sure you have unlocked Mario. If you don't the game will freeze when Bowser breathes fire. He is supposed to give you a Mario cap, but you haven't unlocked him yet, so...

Glitch: Trap Door Madness
Discovered by: Various people
Character needed: Any
Description: Slide kick into the far corners of the trap door to Bowser in the Dark world to get various effects, including:
Heaven's Portal (rare)
Hell's Portal (rare)
And others. Experiment.

Glitch: Get Bowser Stuck to You
Discovered by: lordhuffnpuff
Character needed: Mario
Description: Get to the third Bowsre fight and throw him off a corner (not a flat edge or it won't work). When he comes back down, stand where you think his tail will be and catch him as he lands. If you do it right, Bowser's shockwave will hurt you, but he will be stuck in your chest in his "You have my tail OH NOES!" position. The only way to stop it is to exit the arena somehow.

Glitch: Mess with Bowser
Discovered by: Idon't know
Character needed: Mario
Description: Go to the third Bowser fight and throw him off. Now, run around in a circle to keep your speed up and dive at his tail to catch him BEFORE he lands. If you did it right, when you throw him at a bomb, he will fly off much further than normal. If he lands on a spot that he can break away (do this on the first bomb for better results), he may get stuck to the ground and not be able to jump. He may walk in midair if he destroys the part he's on. A lot of other things could happen, too. JUST TRY IT! >_>

Well, that about concludes the glitch section. Some more pictures and maybe even videos will be coming soon, so stay with us and keep checking the topic.
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