==The Secrets of Super Mario 64 DS Renewed==

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And Moonlight, Eclipsed Echo, and Mebi.
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^Yep. According to my AOL, the first time I visited this board was when it came out. Of course, I was around 11 or 12 at the time, so I couldn't sign up.
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I miss the activity of the board...
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I just did a weird glitch. I don't remember who was my character, but I did it on V2. In SSL, I went to the entrance of the pyramid. Notice how the entrance is kind of in a slant. I ran up the slant to the left of the door, and slide kicked. My character sort of glided slowly towards the pyramid entrance. Not much, but it looked weird. >_>
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How did you manage to slide kick up the entrance? That sounds impossible >_>
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I slide kicked up the side of the entrance..you can slide kick up hills..when I slide kicked up the left side of the entrance, I sort of slid towards the entrance, and then I sort of glided in mid-air into the entrance..not a big deal. >_> Sheesh.
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Yodelerty... why are you NEVER on AIM?
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