==The Secrets of Super Mario 64 DS Renewed==

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10 years ago#491
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10 years ago#492
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10 years ago#493

Sorry for my inactivity, by the way..

Metal-Head Wario Can Move

Maybe we can get this by stomping on Dorrie's back so his(her?) head goes down. Then, we swim under his(her?) neck, and jump and ground pound, like in DDD. This would allow us to walk underwater and get to the switch. I recommend someone with V1 tests this, since things like this are much easier in V1.

Inside The Cage

Using the Walk Underwater glitch in DDD, I went over to the cage. On both sides, the corner where the cage meets the wall is glitchy, the left more so than the right. The glitchiness I'm referring to is where you can long jump into it and be up and down. On the left corner, I was able to long jump into it and fly directly up, relatively fast, and actually get on top of the cage. The best I've done on the right corner is long jump and get a few glitchy stutters.

If that star can be obtained by using the corners, than Luigi in the Cage should also be possible, and thus, Tick Tock Silver Stars.

Now, the following is not a possible BCless star, but another possible new glitch. The goal of this glitch is to allow us to get OUT of the fish tanks once we've gotten IN.

Once in the tanks, head over to the corner nearest the JRB painting. Again, you can long jump in this corner and stutter in the corner. I was able to keep holding UP and I stayed in the corner until I let go. Again, if we can just find a way through such a corner, a lot of things would be possible. :)

Unfortunately, if Inside the Cage is proven possible through the method explained above, V1 owners would have to start their BCless files over. In V2, if you beat the third Bowser with Luigi, the credits will stop about midway though, and you'll appear outside the castle. If you save, the sub with be back, and the third floor will be locked again. This allows you to walk underwater because the sub is back. I have been able to do this glitch on V2 3 times, with varying amounts of health. Mike OShay has V1, and was unable to do this glitch. This is why we think it may be V2 only, though we aren't sure. We need more people to test it, but for now, just assume it's V2 only. Of course, if you beat Bowser 2 again, the game returns to normal.

This was a long post, and most of the information is probably older than Chuck Norris, but I'm bored, and I wanted to contribute. >_>
10 years ago#494
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
10 years ago#495
I thought of that ages ago...It seems like a feasible method, but it just doesn't work. And even if we did get underwater in there, the switch is too close to the surface for us to be able to walk up to it without swimming again.

What I proposed (and I've told Mike about this already) if finding a way to swim outside the boundaries of the room. If you swim into certain corners, you'll notice that you sort of get sucked into them quite a bit. This is all just a guess really, but it seems like the best thing we can do right now. Basically, we're looking for him to get far enough into the corner that he'll get pushed through to the other side. Then we could just swim up and jump out behind the fence.

The other method of course is the one used in SM64, where you jump and pound right above it. Although someone once claimed to have this work in SM64DS (or so I hear), I think it's safe now to consider it undoable, since I've experimented with it quite a bit. However, it's always good to keep trying. For example, we could try every single character, with every single type of jump, and different heights, and pounding at different heights above the switch. *shrugs*

Another thing that OShay told me about was in the room with the entrance to the Metal Cap (in SM64 at least) stage. The corners nearest the door can be long jumped into, and he'll shoot up slowly to the top of the room. This looks like a potential heaven's portal opportunity, but so far neither him nor myself have had any luck whatsoever with it.


I wondered as well if the switch would be too close to the surface. =/

I have tried a lot at that ground pound method, and I don't think it's possible. I have jumped to the right of the switch and ground pounded, and got below the switch, but when you jump over the switch you don't go as far down.

I thought about getting out of bounds too, for this and DDD (if that whole long jump through corners thing doesn't work out) By the way, was any of the other info in that post old? :P

I'll try with those corners in the Metal Cap entrance room, I'll see what I can do. Did you get around to testing that Luigi in Bowser 3 glitch yet on the 3 versions? I'm interested in hearing the results.
10 years ago#496
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
10 years ago#497
...What? o_O
10 years ago#498
Notice how the switch has slants around the edges of it. He's saying you ground pound onto the slants, so that you fall far enough into the water, yet you're over the switch, so you press it. It's worth a shot, anyway.
10 years ago#499
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
10 years ago#500
Ok, thanks.
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