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3 years ago#1
Wanted is probably my favorite mini-game in SM64DS. It's so fun and addicting if you ask me. :)

What is everyone's highest score for the Wanted mini-game? So far, my highest is 1,250 and it's still going. I'm challenging myself to get to 9,999 after the very popular YouTube LP'er Chuggaaconroy offered the challenge to his viewers. He's doing a Let's Play of SM64DS right now and I thought it would be neat to try getting to 9,999 legitimately (no hacks, cheats, or action replay; he offered the challenge in episode 3). Who knows, maybe if I do it, he'll give me a prize like he usually does whenever he offers a challenge like this (he did it with Super Mario Galaxy's purple coin mission in Ghostly Galaxy; two people won a prize for that, even though there are actually 149 purple coins and not 150).

I have proof of me doing well in this game, even though the video quality is bad.

Me beating Chugga's best score: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuecaDiwRc4

Getting four digits legitimately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr1twWtJrT0

Hopefully my next video will be me getting to 9,999. I know it's possible if I keep this up.

So what is everyone's high score and thoughts on this mini-game? It's a really nice time killer, in a good way.
3 years ago#2
Update: I just broke the 2,000 level mark. At level 2,007 right now and still going.
3 years ago#3
Another update: got up to level 3,000 today. I'll probably continue this tomorrow at level 3,001.
3 years ago#4
I am not happy right now. Mario just ended my run at level 3,095. That really made me mad. I proceeded to torture Mario in the main game for the next half hour. XD

Never doing this again. That run was nice, but I no longer have the patience to go for 9,999 after this failure. Plus, I found this video:


So 9,999 is possible. I still like the Wanted game despite what just happened.
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