Help me get better at this game

#1jksteiner1974Posted 10/6/2013 3:55:54 PM
I've been a gaming freak for over 25 years. I've got a list of speedrun accomplishments that I'm very proud of, I typically complete new games within 1-5 days of release with 100% completion, and consider myself an avid gamer. BUT - for reasons I can't quite pin down, I can't beat this game. I remember buying it when it was brand new for N64, and hating the camera so bad that I gave up. Years later I dusted it off and tried again, but had the same results. Then when they remade it for NDS, I had read that they improved the camera so I tried it again. I still stink at it. The controls and camera seem, well, awful. SMG 1 & 2 both felt great, and I loved those games. I 100%ed both of them more than once with no problems. But with SM64, I'm terrible. A friend of mine who loves the game told me that I'm trying to play it too fast, so I slowed down. Still awful. I spend more time trying to get the camera to look where I want it to look, and trying to get my character to move the way I want him to, than actually playing at a point where I'm enjoying the experience. The camera is always off, the controls feel clumsy to me. What am I doing wrong?